Sunday, September 25, 2016

Life Update: I Moved!

I moved. Again. In three months I lived in three cities: Anaheim, San Diego, and now Los Angeles. This summer was full of craziness. It was hectic constantly packing and unpacking, but I've finally settled into my place in the City of Angels. I've been here for three weeks working at my new job (public health field). I'm loving my job thus far, but I'm not used to living and working in an urban area like LA. I've been homesick here and there, and I'm so grateful that San Diego is only a two hour drive away (without LA traffic-- haha). Surely I'll adjust to this city life! I know there's so many things to do here, and I'm also grateful for the opportunities that I have. :)

I have unpacked all of my beauty stuff, and I'm finishing up the organization.  I have some blog post and video ideas that I'm itching to get started on once time permits. Don't worry, I'll be back! I hope you are doing well! :)

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