Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Favorite Makeup from the Drugstore!!!

What are my favorite all-time drugstore products? Check it out down below in my new video. :) I am thinking of doing my holy grail makeup products in the future. Hmm! Enjoy!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

FIRST IMPRESSIONS/DEMO: Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack!

Here's a first impression and a demo video of a product I recently tried out called the Pore Beauty Nose Pack by the Korean skincare brand, Skinmiso! This is a three-step system that is suppose to clear out your blackheads and whiteheads. A three-step blackhead removal system is popular in Korea from what I am aware of. I know that Holika Holika has one! I will try out the Holika Holika one in a few months since I do have it, and let you guys know my opinion on that one compared to this one. Anyway, enjoy! :)

Products mentioned:
- Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack (4 sets) - $12
- Skinmiso Comedo Remover - $11

Get 20% off your first purchase at Memebox:   **

FTC: These products were sent to me from Memebox for review purposes. As always, my opinions are my own.
** = Affiliate link

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

REVIEW: Jouer Limited Edition Mermaid Long-Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick

Matte liquid lipsticks are the hype right now, and I admit that I am a contributor to that hype (as well as the highlighter hype)! Over the past year, I feel as if matte liquid lipsticks have gotten better and better in terms of formula. My first purchase of liquid lipsticks were the original Milani Amore, but I found that they were drying and some colors were very streaky. I like hydrating lipsticks because my lips tend to be dry and my favorite matte liquid lipsticks so far that I have tried are from Lonely Planet Co., an indie brand that can be found on Etsy. Jouer Cosmetics released their own line of liquid lipsticks this year that are marketed as long-wear lip creme liquid lipsticks, and I quite like their formula. It is not as hydrating as the Lonely Planet ones, but they are up there in rank for me.

They recently released their Mermaid summer collection, and I picked up the limited edition shade, Watermelon ($18), which is a matte bright red. This is red. RED, like POW in your face! It certainly reminds me of watermelon, and I love it! It dries fast, dries completely matte, and it's hydrating on the lips. I like red lipstick, but I usually wear a neutral shade because red lips are so difficult to upkeep throughout the day. If you eat something, that red creamy lipstick you love so much? Well, you just ate half of it. See the dilemma I hate dealing with?

But this. Even though oily foods will take this apart, it doesn't fall apart completely like when you would wear a creamy lipstick. It's a stunning color with a great formula. I will say the biggest con to this lipstick is that it sucks at layering. Once you put another layer on top of the previous layer you will notice that it'll start clumping and flaking, so reapplication of this liquid lipstick will be difficult. I would suggest wiping the entire lipstick off prior in order to reapply a new layer. The color and formula are very opaque, so this is only a huge problem when you eat oily foods. Other than that, it's a great liquid lipstick!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

SALE: Etude House - 30% Off!

Etude House is having a sale for Bastille Day (July 14) with a 30% off your entire purchase. I believe this excludes items that are already on sale or clearance. Use the promo code HAPPYJULY14 at checkout to receive the discount. Free shipping for those in the U.S. if you spend more than $60. This sale will end on July 14 ET.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Origins Deal: $20 off $45+ !!!

If you're an Origins fan or if you've been wanting to try a product from Origins, now is your opportunity! Starting now until June 19 you can take $20 off a $45 or more purchase online with promo code TWENTY. Note that this promo code does not apply to gift items or items that are already on sale. I am unsure whether or not this coupon is valid in-store. I found the coupon on the website.  I also tested it out and it works. Shipping is free for orders that are $30+ after coupon otherwise it will be $5. :)

REVIEW/SWATCHES: Topshop Beauty Mono Eye Shadows

I recently purchased three Topshop Eyeshadows through the Topshop website for $2 each on sale. Unfortunately these shadows are no longer available on their website, so I won't go into too much details about them.You can however purchase the shade Spaceport for $12. Price discrepancies? I don't know, but I feel as if Topshop shadow are randomly stocked and priced online. Holograph and Hallucination are available on the UK Topshop website.

These shadows are very pretty! From left to right the shadows are named: Hallucination, Pyramid and Holograph.

Hallucination is a lavender/silver duo chrome.

Pyramid is a gold shimmer.

Holograph is a white/silver/icy blue trio chrome.

I'm not the type of person to wear shades like Hallucination and Holograph, but sometimes it's just fun to experiment! These shadows are gorgeous, but the issue that I have with them is that you have to really pack them on the lids in order for them to show since the formula for these are thin. They're powdery, so eye shadow primer is a must, but for $2 each I cannot complain. These are probably best applied wet. I normally put on foundation first in my makeup routine, however I am unable to do that with these shadows since there is a lot of fall out. Again, I think I got a great steal for $2, but I would not pick these up for $12 (retail price). I would rather spend $12 and get two Makeup Geek or MAC eye shadows instead. Hopefully these will go back in stock (for $2)!

I am wearing Holograph on the lids and in the creases. I am also wearing Tarte's Tartelette in Bloom Eye Shadow palette in Jetsetter and Rebel in the creases and Leader in the outer Vs.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Beauty Haul!

I have a collective haul to share with you today! This is probably one of my favorite hauls probably because of the Foreo and highlighters! There's a bunch of highlighters that I bought, and I cannot wait to glow this summer! Please let me know if you would like to see a review on any of the products I have mentioned. I have been using my Foreo for several days now, and I am planning on reviewing it after giving it at least one month. I also thought about comparing the Foreo to a manual brush from Memebox that I purchased a while back. :) Any who, enjoy the video!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

REVIEW & DEMO: Banila Co. Clean It Zero

Hello everyone! It is almost the end of the week! Yay! Today I have a review on one of my favorite skincare products by a Korean brand, Banila Co. This is a very popular cleansing balm known as Clean It Zero, and there are several other versions of this by Banila Co., but the one I am reviewing is the original.

This is a sherbet cleanser that takes off your makeup with ease including waterproof eyeliner and lipstick stains. No joke. All you have to do is scoop a tiny bit of the sherbet into your palms, rub it together until it melts, massage your face with it, and wash it off with lukewarm water. It is such a great cleanser that I highly recommend. I used to use the Boots cleansing balm from Target, but I stopped because it left my face oily. However, this Banila Co. one surprisingly leaves my face hydrated and non-oily. 

You can see my demo down below. I'm not too fond of wearing waterproof makeup, but I did wear a  waterproof liquid eyeliner and a liquid lipstick.

I purchased mine for $16 on the US Memebox website. Now, $16 can be a lot for a cleansing balm, but truly, a little bit goes a long way! :)

P.S. I told my sister about this product, so she purchased it and now loves it too! :)

Friday, May 27, 2016

REVIEW: Too Cool For School Art Class by Rodin Shading Palette

I am so excited about this review, because I have been really enjoying this product! This is a contour compact by a Korean brand known as Too Cool For School. It may sound familiar because Sephora began selling some products from this brand online and in store beginning just last year. Unfortunately this contour compact is not sold at Sephora. I purchased mine on Memebox, however it is currently sold out. You can find this compact at for ~ $16.

Auguste Rodin was a French sculptor from the 19th century, and is the influence of this contour compact. The packaging is made out of plastic, with a sticker plastered atop as the label. I do not care much for the packaging, but it is good to note that the compact has a good snapping clasp that you have to press down in order to close, therefore the packaging in my opinion isn't too cheap or flimsy. The compact comes with a mirror and is thin enough to travel with.

The contour compact contains 9.5 grams of products and comes with three multi-color shades. The shades range from light, medium to dark, but even the darkest color is not that dark. I would recommend this for those who have fair to light-medium skin tones otherwise the contour may not show up.

What I like about this contour compact is that the colors themselves are neutral. I find that many of the contour products I have are either too warm or they make my face look too ashy. You can see on my arm how the lightest shade on the left is too light for my skin at least for my arm, but when I blend the entire compact with a brush the color is much more vivid.

All three blended. Because the contour shade is light, I feel that it is difficult to mess your contour up-- It's forgiving. I blend all three together to contour the majority of my face. I use the left and middle shades together to contour my nose.

The product itself is a little stiff when you first use it until you break into the top layer which the product will be smoother underneath. I like to use my e.l.f. Beautifully Bare blending brush that can be found at Target for $6 to apply this contour.

No contour.


Overall I like this contour palette a lot and I highly recommend it for those who have fair to light/medium skin tones. :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Costco Deals: Guerlain Rouge Lipsticks and Embryolisse Lait Creme!

New beauty items have been posted on, notably four shades from the Guerlain Rouge D Guerlain Lipstick collection are on sale for $36.99, normally retailing for $54. Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre is also available for $39.99 for a two-pack. These are 2.6 oz each, and normally retail for $28 for one. You are essentially saving $16 by buying this two-pack. As a reminder, you must be a Costco member to purchase these items. Shipping is free.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè 2-Pack 
Image source:
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