Saturday, June 28, 2014

DEAL: Maybelline Face Studio Master Glaze for $3.40 @ Rite Aid!

UPDATE: The coupon is no longer available. If you've already printed the coupon then you can still score this deal!

Tomorrow will be Sunday, and that means it's a brand new week of deals at our drugstores! Rite Aid will have a great promotion going on this week starting tomorrow where Neutrogena and Maybelline Cosmetics will be on sale for 40% off! This is RARE, so I suggest taking advantage of this sale if you've been longing to try out their products!

Lucky for us that there's a Rite Aid store coupon for the Maybelline Face Studio Master Glazes on the Rite Aid Adperk page for $2 off. All you have to do is be a +UP Rewards member, sign up for an online account, and watch a video to receive your printable coupon. PRINT THIS NOW before they take it down sometime this week due to it being a new month!

Here's what the video should look like:

So how much should it be after coupon? That depends on how much the Master Glaze sells at your local Rite Aid. Mine is around $8.99 retail price, so here is what my breakdown would look like:

You can read my review on one of the colors HERE if you are unsure on whether or not this is worth your money.

Happy savings, and have a great rest of the weekend! :)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

REVIEW: It's Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette by BH Cosmetics

I have finally gotten my hands on the It's Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette by BH Cosmetics ($14.95). I am a long time fan of Judy and her family, and was ecstatic when I found out she released an eyeshadow palette with BH Cosmetics. She has amazing makeup on all the time, and I love watching her beauty videos and vlogs. I kept telling myself that I didn't need another palette when her palette came out at the end of last year, but I finally caved in recently (in June! :P) and purchased it when there was a free shipping deal on the BH Cosmetics website. Hah! Their shipping is so ridiculously priced at $8 for just U.S. orders alone. International shipping? Forget it! I don't even want to know! Even at $15 + the $8 shipping isn't bad at all for this great quality palette, but hey, I'm a deal seeker, remember? :P

The palette itself is slick since it's small and easy to travel with. I personally don't like the black matte finish packaging since it can get dirty easily. For example, you can already see that I have fingerprints all over the bottom of the palette. What I do like about the packaging is the gold embossing, and that the palette is very travel-friendly.

Inside you'll find yourself a mirror that almost covers the whole width of the palette with her "Natural is beautiful, but makeup is glam" slogan, and 12 beautiful eyeshadows with different finishes.

Here's a closer look at all 12 of the shadows! Click on any photo to enlarge if needed.
First thing I noticed about this palette is that there are no names for each shadow. I think it's so fun when makeup products have names, but unfortunately these don't.

A closer look at the left side of the palette.

Swatches of the left side of the palette:
Top Row: A matte ivory, matte light brown, satin medium brown
Bottom Row: satin gold, satin copper, shimmer/satin black purple (similar to Blackheart in Naked 3)

Right side of the palette!

Top Row: matte peachy brown, matte burgandy brown, semi-matte/shimmer (gold specks) chocolate brown
Bottom Row: satin lavender, satin blue purple, satin royal blue

Example of an eye look I wore using this palette.

  • Versatile. This palette reminds me a lot of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette that came out during late winter this year, and I love that palette because it's so versatile with unique shades and finishes. Even with 12 shadows, Judy was able to make this palette very easy to use. You can combine any shade(s) with each other to create a beautiful eyelook. I'm glad she included some matte shades along with the other satin and shimmer shades.
  • Pigmented + easy to blend. I was really worried that this palette wouldn't swatch or be as pigmented as I would hope, but luckily this palette is pigmented. The richest in colors are the satin gold and satin copper shadows, and the least are the mattes. 
  • Small shadows, mediocre packaging. I wished each shadow was named, and I wished that the packaging of the palette wouldn't leave behind finger marks. It's not a big bother to me because the quality of the shadow is what I care most about. The shadows also look very small in comparison to MAC and other single eye shadows, but overall it is still an amazing price though!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Recap: See You Later!

Happy Sunday everyone!

I thought that it'll be a good idea for me to blog once a while on how my week and/or weekend went. It'll be good for me to slow down and reflect on my week and be grateful for all that I have in my life. Everything has been great so far for me because babysitting is getting easier a.k.a. I get to be lazy! No need to run around or get burnt like last week! :P

On Friday I went to the San Diego County Fair with my friends, and it was also the day for us to say "see you later" to our friend Allyson, pictured in the mustard yellow cardigan below, as she will be heading back to Florida to start her post-grad journey. I can't believe she came to UCSD for school all the way from the east coast! That's just not normal! But it's nice to meet someone who is as unique as she is: quirky, sassy, charismatic and fun. :) I cannot believe I met her when she was only a freshman, and now four years later she has a degree in Chemistry! Smarty pants!

The fair was really fun! I usually go every year, but this year was special because it was Allyson's first time ever at a fair! We made poor health choices and ate fried oreos, battered potatoes, bacon wrapped jalapenos, and a Krispy Creme crispy chicken sandwich. Yup. #diabetes. We also went through a mirror maze, played a game, and tried imitating farm animal sounds at the barns! It was a great day, and I'm so glad I was able to capture it in photos. Here are just a few from the fair!

So far it's been a great summer, but it's unfortunate because summer is when we start to see people go. Allyson said she's only coming back whenever one of us gets married. We all consider ourselves still a little too young for marriage, but we know we'll see Allyson eventually. :) No good byes, so see you later Allyson! We'll miss you! 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

DEAL: LORAC PRO Palette for $33.60 + Free Shipping!!!

Ok guys, I've been waiting for ages to get the LORAC PRO Palette, and I have finally ordered it with a few great deals! I am always on the hunt for the LORAC PRO Palette at Ulta whenever I receive the 20% coupon that includes prestige brands, but it's always sold out everywhere I go! I prefer not to pay full price on almost anything I buy, and I can finally say that the hunt for this palette at a sale price is finally over. :D

Right now is offering 20% off your purchase with a few brand exclusions, but they carry the LORAC PRO Palette and it is in stock! *Yippie!* It was sold out a few weeks ago during the 20% off Memorial Day promo, but if you have been eying this palette, GET IT NOW, because it will sell out again! Enter promo code: summer20 when you check out. This promotion ends Monday, June 23, so act fast! You will also get this shipped for free between 1-3 days!

You'll receive a deluxe sample of the LORAC Behind the Scenes Eye Shadow Primer with the Pro Palette, but additionally you will get a free one-year magazine subscription to InStyle Magazine, which I am really excited about, and a free DermStore mystery gift a.k.a. sample!

You can see my order down below. For $33.60, I am receiving a LORAC PRO Palette with a primer, a magazine subscription, and a free sample. Plus, free fast shipping! Tax is applicable wherever it may apply.

If you don't want the PRO Palette then there are many other brands that the DermStore carries such as Stila, theBalm, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Tarte, It Cosmetics, and so forth that the 20% off coupon can be applied to. I believe you need to spend $21+ in order to receive a magazine subscription.

Will you be taking advantage of this great deal!?

REVIEW: Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free Stick Foundation

Hi everyone!
I've been babysitting two of my cousins all month long, and I absolutely have no time to spend all the time in the world to get ready. They are 8 and 10 years old, and although we mostly stay indoors, there are a few days where we do go out. I've been travelling lightly every time I come over to babysit (I stay overnight for two nights) because I don't have the time to pack and unpack all my beauty products each week I come over to their house. I always go to concealer when I'm in a rush for time, but I've been recently using the Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free Stick Foundation ($8.99) to cover my dark circles and make my face a little less dead--kids drain the energy out of me! I purchased it a while back during the new year, but I didn't really use it a lot until now.

I have dry/normal skin, and this is a great foundation if you want something that is light weight that provides light-medium coverage. The core of the stick is supposed to dissolve oil, leaving your face looking shine-free.

Because it's a gel formula, it settles into your skin, making your makeup look very natural.

Here is a before photo of me. You can see that I have baggy eyes, dark circles, freckles, moles, and uneven skin tone.

After picture. My skin looks less dead!!! My skin tone looks even (cheeks look less red, forehead looks less tan), but my freckles and moles are still visible. This foundation gives me a "your face but better" look where it "photoshops" you in a way to make your face look enhanced in a good and natural way.


  • Travel-friendly - This is so convenient when you are on the go! This has been my go-to face product all month long ever since I started babysitting. 
  • Easy to use - No brush required! I twist up the stick, apply it all over my face, and then use my fingers to blend it out. It only takes a minute or less to apply this foundation which is great for people who are always on the go!
  • Not drying - I have dry/normal skin, and I was afraid that this foundation would accentuate my fine lines since it's not a cream or liquid foundation that I tend to gravitate. This gel formula foundation works well on my skin where it blends easily and doesn't dry out my skin even more. The finish for this foundation stick could be described as semi-matte (shine free), but it's not drying!
  • Poor coverage - This foundation doesn't provide the best coverage, but I like it because it's summer, and I prefer to wear lighter makeup since I sweat more. I do wish it has a little more coverage since it does feel a little thin, but overall I enjoy using this foundation!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

REVIEW: Wet N Wild Fergie Shimmer Palettes!

Hi everyone,
One of my favorite drugstore brands is Wet N Wild due to their affordable, great quality blushes, lipsticks, and eye shadows. I have never tried any product from the Wet N Wild Fergie line before, so I thought I would pick something up from that line when there was a sale at Walgreens a few weeks ago. As much of a lip addict that I am, I am also always drawn to blushes and bronzers. Wet N Wild Fergie has three Fergie Shimmer Bricks available from the Centerstage Collection, and I picked up two: Rose Champagne Gold and Rose Golden Goddess.

L to R: Rose Champagne Gold and Rose Golden Goddess

These are bulky palettes as seen below. I think the excess black packaging is unnecessary, and makes the product as something that I wouldn't want to carry around with me while I am travelling.

Rose Champagne Glow is a pink champagne, good for a highlighter.

Be warned that this is called a SHIMMER palette for a reason! It is very shimmery. I do not wear highlighters on my face, so I thought I would try it out as a blush, and it's too shimmery for my liking. It will look good as a highlighter though if you use a small amount.

Rose Golden Goddess - rose gold! 

Despite the packaging being bulky with the thought that it'll be sturdy, the face product fell out of its packaging when I first opened this one! Not cool! -__-'

SHIMMER, SHIMMER. Not my thing, but summer is the best time to wear that shimmer! I'm not the biggest fan when it comes to face products with a lot of shimmer because it makes my skin look 1. dirty and 2. sickly. I don't like wasting, and I'm pretty sure I threw the receipt away, so what I think I'll do in the future is wear this under a matte bronzer to make it less shimmery.

It's interesting though because if you swatch these two palettes on your hand, they look really pretty with a satin finish, and it doesn't look like there's any shimmer. However, when you wear it on your face, you're not using a heavy hand to apply the product as when you are hand swatching it, so the thin layer of product on your face will show the details within the hand swatches you didn't see before. This would look gorgeous as eye shadows!

  • Inexpensive. ~$5.99 each, but usually on sale.
  • Rose Champagne Glow is a nice highlighter when used with a light hand.
  • Could be used as eye shadows if packed on lids.
  • Too shimmery for my own personal liking. 
    • I do like Rose Champagne Glow the best, and will continue to use it with a much lighter hand. 
    • I find that a product that gives off a shimmery glow will make your face look as if it has dirt on it. 
    • I felt that the Rose Golden Goddess made my skin look extremely aged.
  • Cheap and bulky packaging
I will not purchase this again in the future. Meh.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Ipsy Bag - June 2014

UPDATE: I unsubscribed to ipsy feeling after thinking about how I'd rather save $10 each month to save for something that I really want to invest my money towards.

I'm probably a little late on revealing what I received in my Ipsy bag this month, but I'll do it anyway just because it's fun!

If you are unfamiliar with Ipsy, it is a $10 + tax + free shipping monthly subscription service where you will receive a bag filled with 4-5 selected deluxe/full size beauty (skincare, fragrance, cosmetics, cosmetic tools) products garnered towards your taste based on a personalized quiz you take. You can find out further information or sign up on their website:

This month's theme is "Pretty in Paradise."

 The bag this month is quite pretty. Designed by Rebecca Minkoff for Ipsy, the print sends me to a tropical vacation with its cute pineapples and dragon plants!

The first thing I pulled out of my bag was this little sample of perfume called REALTREE by Her. This was in its own separate bag, and some of the perfume had leaked out of the bottle. The smell itself reminds me a lot of a sweet cherry blossom tree. I do like the smell of it, but I don't need another perfume since I recently just purchased a new one, and I still have lots of other ones I need to use. Great smell though!

My bag also came with a full size Ofra Universal Eyebrow Pencil ($13). The color isn't an exact match for my brows, but this pencil is creamy! I was afraid that I would be pulling at my hairs as I brush and draw my brows on, but it's delightful to use as it's not too waxy and harsh like some others I've tried (i.e. Revlon!)

I already own one of the NYX Butter Glosses, and they work well! This is Creme Brulee, which is a nudey pink shade. Like it's name, it is very buttery and glossy! It also smells like vanilla!

I also received a hair product by Marc Anthony called, "Dream Waves Beach Spray," and it's supposed to give you beachy and wavy hair. I have yet to try this out, but I'm hoping it's nothing like my Garnier Fructis Beach Chic Texturizing Spray which I will review sometime this week. 

Last but not least, I received a full size Be A Bombshell Lash Out Mascara which I'm not too excited about. I am always willing to try new mascaras, but the packaging for this product feels so cheap and hollow, and the smell of the mascara is horrible. Horrible smelling mascaras usually don't work out for me, but who knows? Maybe this one will surprise me.

And that is it for my June Ipsy bag! Do I think it's worth $10. Yes, everything is either a deluxe or full size item, so it's worth my $10. Did you get any of the same items as I did?

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum Sales! $8 Rollerballs!?

Juicy Couture is having a 50% off sitewide sale so everything you see in the "Sale" section is going to be an additional 50% off. I saw that they had two rollerball eau de parfums and the Viva La Fleur in the "Jewelry & Accessories" sale section, so these perfumes will be a huge steal with the online promo! This promotion ends on June 18 at 11:59PM PST.

The Couture La La Rollerball is listed as $16 and the Viva La Fleur 2.5 oz is listed as $50. You'll see the 50% off discount once you add the perfume(s) to your cart! Shipping is also free!

Here's an example of when I added the two items in my cart! $33 for both isn't bad at all! I checked the Sephora website to see how much the Viva La Fleur costs and it's a whooping $72 for the 2.5 oz! You're getting a 65% off discount when you purchase it now on the Juicy Couture site. (Click photo to expand)

The other rollerball is the Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum which is my signature scent. Will you be taking part in this deal? 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Beauty Haul!

Hi everyone! A couple weeks ago was Memorial Day, and that weekend was a sales extravaganza! I got so many stuff I've been wanting to try out for a really good discount! I'm a bargain shopper, so you know that I will never shell out my wallet for anything full price unless there is some kind of promotion!

*Snaps for smart shoppers!*

I've been wanting to try First Aid Beauty products for so long. Everyone raves about it on the net, and this Fab Faves To Go was a perfect set that I found on the website. I did pay full price ($28) for this trio set, but I got free shipping (normally $5.95 for orders under $50), and a huge bag full of free deluxe to full size samples! :D
This trio set comes with a 2 oz. facial cleanser, 2 oz. Ultra Cream Repair (essentially body lotion), and  28 count Facial Radiance pads.

This is the free sample bag that I got from Beauty Brands whenever your spend $25+ on a high end beauty brand. It's a nice size travel-friendly bag with a clasp and a zipper. Unfortunately this promotion is no longer available.

The samples inside include full size items like an OPI Liquid Sand polish and a Butter London Eyeliner. There were a lot of new brands I have never heard of even!

Similar to Sephora and Ulta, Beauty Brands offer three free samples of your choice when you begin your checkout process. I received so many free things from one order!

I posted a really great Target Simple/Ponds wipes deal a little more than a week ago on how you can get wipes for as low as $0.12 a pack (deal is now expired). I did the deal several times on various days and now I am stocked up on Simple, and Pond's Wipes. Simple wipes work okay for me, and they aren't the greatest at removing makeup, but Ponds are superb! For $0.12 I can't really complain about the Simple wipes.

Walgreens had a Buy One Get One (BOGO) free sale last week on all Shea Moisture products, and I've been wanting to try the African Black Soap for a very long time! It is created for "acne prone & troubled skin," which I normally don't have, but I've been having small breakouts on my face as of late, so this should be an interesting try! I also picked up the Lemongrass & Ginger Shea Butter Soap with Orange Peel because it smelled really good. Haha. One bar at Walgreens would cost me $5.49, but because of the deal I only paid $2.75 for each!

Food 4 Less had a deal where you'll receive $5 off if you buy any five mix and match participating items. I did the deal with my sister and I picked up the Herbal Essences Moroccan My Shine Shampoo/Conditioner for $0.50 each after using a coupon.

My sister was very kind enough to give me two Caress body washes from her stock pile. Yes, my sister is somewhat of an extreme couponer, more so than me. She told me that she didn't like their body washes, so heck, she gave them to me! I love the Caress Daily Silk body wash, so I was excited to get that. I've never tried Endless Kiss, but it smells just as good as the Daily Silk! :)

Something that I use everyday, even when I am not wearing makeup, is facial moisturizer with a high SPF. This is the L'Oreal Paris Advanced Suncare Silky Sheer Face Lotion SPF 50+ that is supposed to provide both UVA and UVB protection. To my knowledge I do not own any facial moisturizers that are water resistant, and I felt like I really needed to invest in one especially now that it is summer and the likelihood of me going to the beach is very likely. Hopefully this will work out for me this summer since there are many written reviews of people enjoying it.

Last but not least, I purchased two Wet N Wild Fergie Shimmer Palettes in "Rose Golden Goddess" and "Rose Champagne Gold." Both are very shimmery, but I still need to give it some more time and try them before I write a review. One of them already fell out of it's bulky pan. :(  I also purchased a Stila Custom Color Blush on when it was on sale for $4.99. I have yet to try this product.

That's it for my summer beauty haul...for now! ;) What summer products have you purchased that we all need?! 

In Other News...

  • I apologize for the lack of posts! I started babysitting last week, and it has taken every ounce of energy out of me! It is not likely for me to bring my laptop because I honestly have no time alone unless I am using the restroom or sleeping. No lie. Haha! :)
    • I took the kids to the fair yesterday and I totally forgot to put sunblock on my neck and chest, so I got sunburn! It hurts so much! 
  • I got my June Ipsy bag yesterday while I was away! Expect a post sometime this weekend! :)
  • Happy almost Friday! :)

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