Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Febreze Closeout Clearance! $0.14!!

Hi everyone!

My sister told me that Febreze Air Effects sprays in the scent of "Thai Dragon Fruit" is on clearance at Food4less/Kroger for $1.64. I headed out to the closest Food4less and picked up two bottles of the Thai Dragon Fruit and used my expiring Febreze coupon, $3/2 Febreze Product from P&G last month, expiring today.

  • Buy 2 Febreze Air Effects - $1.64 each x 2 = $3.28
  • Use 1 $3/2 Febreze Products Coupon from last month's P&G Insert (Exp. 7/31, TODAY!)
  • Pay $0.28 for both bottles ($0.14 each)!
What a great deal! Food4less also has a deal this week on Febreze Air Effects, Set & Refresh, candles, and Vent Clips where if you buy 4, you pay $1.88 for each. There were coupons for Febreze in the P&G inserts from this past Sunday that you can use!

I also saw the Glade Expressions Starter Kit on Closeout Clearance for $1.88, but I am not aware of any coupons.

Good luck, and happy savings!!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tarte Friends & Family Sale NOW!

Hi everyone!

It looks like you can get shopping at Tarte for their Friends & Family sale with the code: TARTEFF  !!!! The code will give you 30% off their entire site including sale items!

I love Tarte Cosmetics, and I am so glad to get on this sale! I purchased the following items (from the sale section of course! :P ):

complexion brightening lipstick - Amazonian clay romancing the glow face palette -
deluxe maracuja divine shine lip gloss and case -

You also get to select a free sample for every order you make! Shipping is free on orders $40+!

Happy shopping! 

Target Tuesday! Glade Scent Holder + Refills Only $0.59

It's Target Tuesday!

A lot of air fresheners are on clearance at Target for 15% off. I am expecting prices to drop down to 30% off by next week, but it really is unknown. Glade, Febreze, Airwick -- the seasonal scents from spring and early summer are on clearance and there are coupons that you can use to maximize your savings!

I didn't buy much since I thought the scented twin oil sets I usually get were still pricey, but I did get two Glade Scent Holders, and two Glade Decor Scents Refills.

Here's the deal for BOTH 1 Glade Scent Holder and 1 Decor Scents Refills:

  • Buy 1 Glade Scents Holder -- $2.54 each (clearance) 
  • Buy 1 Glade Decor Scents Refills -- $2.54 each (clearance) 
  • Use 1 Buy One Glade Scent Holder, Get One Glade Decor Scents Refill Free (Up to a value of $3.49)
  • AND Use 1 $1.00 Off Glade Scent Holder from SS 7/21
  • Subtotal before coupons: $5.08
  • Pay = $5.08 - $2.54 (BOGO Free) - $1.00 (Glade Scent Holder) - $0.95 (from overage of BOGO coupon since the of the refill was $2.54 clearance price and coupon value is up to $3.49; hence $3.49-$2.52 = $0.95) = $0.59 for BOTH the Glade Scent Holder and Refills!

I ended up paying $1.18 for all four. Great deal! I absolutely love air freshening items, and when they are on clearance! Hawaiian Breeze smells amazing by the way! Happy shopping!

COUPONS!!! Rite Aid Eye Extravaganza Sale!

Hi Everyone!

Just a heads up that Rite Aid has their Eye Extravaganza starting now until August 31st where for every $30 you spend, you receive $10 back in +Up Rewards! Yes, you do need to have a Rite Aid Wellness account which you can sign up HERE.

Crazier is that Rite Aid has lots of new store coupons you can use along with manufacturer ones!

  • Hurry and print the Facebook ones now since they are only available for the first 10,000 costumers. HERE
  • There are also new August Video Value Adperk coupons now up that you can use towards the eye extravaganza as well! HERE
This is so exciting! :) Happy shopping and savings!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Manicure Monday!

It's Monday! Don't worry, I'm crying with you too! Today's Manicure Monday is a fun OPI duo of "You Callin' Me a Lyre" and "Pirouette My Whistle." Both of these came from the NYC Ballet Soft Shades collection from 2012.

"You Callin Me a Lyre" is a creme jelly that you can build up. It's a really pale pink. With only two layers it looks like a white creme jelly with a tiny hint of pink. I only put two layers of this since I wanted to top it with "Pirouette My Whistle."

"Pirouette My Whistle" is a gorgeous, gorgeous glitter combination of fine glitter and silver polygon shapes. It's like a clear top coat filled with silver gorgeousness! This is my favorite glitter nail polish because it doesn't scream out too extreme or glittery. It reminds me of snow. It's very subtle, and I love that.

OPI has great shades and great formula as always. :)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

JC Penney Coupon!


Recently I've been liking shopping at JC Penney due to the fact that they have mini stores inside with awesome sales and clearance! I went there a few days ago and I picked up a dress and a pair of slacks (I'll share in a later post), then the next day, I found out about this coupon:

-__- Oh yeah, I was a little irritated since I'm all about having me a great deal! Dun, dun, dun! I could have spent $50 and paid only $40 with that $10 off! It's ok, and I am happy with my purchases! It ends tomorrow, so go soon, if you like JC Penney or if you want to get good deals! Just print out the coupon and bring it with you!

I especially like their Joe Fresh line which we can't use the coupon towards, but I also like the I Heart Ronson line, and Pearl by Georgina Chapman. I saw amazing Pearl dresses in store for only $20!

The only problem with those dresses is that you have to size up by 2 sizes! Nevertheless, there are awesome sales and clearance items in store that I saw. I also checked out some of the items online, and it was WAY cheaper in store than it is online. Thank goodness for further in store reductions! Happy shopping!

REVIEW: Naisture Juicy Pomegranate Facial Mask

Hello, hello! I posted a photo (below) this past week or so of many different facial masks I purchased from the Korean market for $1 each. These are supposed to hydrate your face, making your face feel smooth and soft.

These facial masks are in little single pouches. Sometimes they come in 2 or 3 in a pouch. I am using the "Juicy Pomegranate" by Naisture brand.

On the back of the packet, it states that pomegranate is supposed to provide vitamins for your skin, leaving it moisturized, and to help with acne skin.

The directions on the back is written in Korean, and luckily there are English instructions too! It states to clean your face first, and then apply toner.

I am using the Avalon Organics CoQ10 Repair Perfecting Toner that I purchased from Rite Aid on clearance for $4. This does a good job of getting all the extra makeup gunk that is still hiding on my face. I have sensitive skin, so it does burn a little, making my skin red, but I feel pretty clean after using it.

Instructions then states to open the pouch, and carefully take out the mask.

The facial mask is folded up inside the pouch. Be careful when you take it out since the mask is soaked in solution. Better wet than dry, right? By the way, it smells nothing like pomegranate. It smells fruity though!

What you want to do next is carefully unfold the mask. I suggest doing this over a sink or over a paper towel because you will have liquid falling off the mask. Find the appropriate holes on the mask for your face and gently place it on your face! The mask is pretty big that it covers my whole entire face, which is a good thing. We all different face shapes and sizes, so this is good that this product covers up the face well enough.

I gently pressed the mask down against my skin, making sure that my face is touching the surface of the mask. The final look is below! Scary huh? I look like I can be a mummy! I indeed look scary, but I left this mask on for 15 minutes. Afterwards, I took it off and just dried my face. My skin felt oh so good afterwards! It felt very refreshed, clean, smooth and soft!  I'm not sure how often you're supposed to do this, but I now do this once a week! I really do like this!

I know that these can be found in Korean skincare stores, or Korean supermarkets, but if you do not live nearby one, you can always buy them online! Good luck, and have fun!

Friday, July 26, 2013

When life gives you lemons...


REVIEW: Essie "All in One" (3-Way Glaze)

Happy Friday!

Today I am reviewing the Essie "All in One" (3-Way Glaze) which is supposed to be a base coat, top coat, and a strengthening base for your nails. I purchased this a few months ago at Rite Aid for $4 on clearance when my store was in the process of getting remodeled.

I purchased this bottle because I love Essie nail polishes, and I thought that having a base and top coat in one was convenient, but this bottle also had a strengthening base, which made it even better, or so I thought! Everyone wants to have strong, smooth nails, right?!

The bottle itself looks like all the other Essie bottles except that it explicitly states it's an "all in one 3-way glaze" on one side of the bottle.

As the directions stated on the back of the box, I applied one layer of the product on my clean nails as a base:

You can tell from the photo that it really gives my nails a shine. It was easy to apply as the formula was not close to being thick. The problem with this already was that it was really sticky.

I know it's a way to market their brand and have people buy more of their product, but I continued following the directions and applied two coats of an Essie nail polish (In the Cab-Ana).

Below is a picture with the nail polish on only. No "All in One" polish yet.

This is after applying the "All in One." Notice the shininess of my nails from before and after. That is some mega shine! My nails also look smooth, so that's another plus! 15 minutes of waiting for nails to dry? Minus, minus! My nails do feel stronger though!

Overall, this product is mediocre. The formula is pretty wet which is fine, but my biggest problem is the drying time. Typically I would give my nails approximately five minutes to dry, and you should never rush your nail drying time, but I waited at least 15 minutes for my nails to dry where it didn't feel as sticky as before. This polish coat does give a nice great shine, but the waiting time for my nails to dry is a let down. No one wants to wait 15 minutes or more for their nails to dry! Don't you hate it when you move to grab something while you're trying to dry your nails, and it completely just falls on your nails and ruins it? Yup! You definitely have to be still and patient to wear this "All in One" coat, which I am not.

I believe this is $10 at Target and other local drugstores. This price is incredibly expensive for its quality. I am lucky that I purchased it on clearance for $4, and you can bet I won't be repurchasing this item again.  I would reconsider if they could make a formula where it dries faster.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Zara Clearance Sale Still Happening!

The Zara Spring/Summer sale is still happening online and in stores as they begin to gear the store for new collections for the upcoming new season! I didn't purchase anything from the last time I mentioned it on my blog, but today I did! I'm pretty cheap. I admit that I like saving money and looking for deals. There was a pair of shoes that I've been looking at called the Shiny Court Shoe, and it is now being sold for only $20! The original price before that was $50, but I remember when they first came out they were $80 until they price adjusted it. I am thrilled, but hopefully they fit and look good on my feet! This is the problem with online shopping! :p

I love the fact that they have these "gems" at every centimeter of the shoe! I'm thinking about wearing this to my cousin's wedding with my black Lauren by Ralph Lauren dress! 

Did any of you buy anything from the Zara sale? I love sales! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Target 90% Off Summer Clearance?!

I haven't been doing Target Tuesdays lately because I haven't been to Target within the past two weeks, but I finally broke that seal! I decided on Monday to do a quick stop at my local Target and "browse" around. I ended up buying a few items, but I'll include that in a haul post sometime this upcoming weekend or next week. I've been doing quite a lot of shopping, but I haven't spent that much money, surprisingly! There's a lot of good deals going on, and I'm most likely going to stop by Target tomorrow again since there's news going around that Target's summer items are now going on clearance at 90% off. These seasonal/holiday clearances do not occur often, so I typically like to "stock up" on items for that season/holiday. It seems like you'll spend a lot of money since you're purchasing a lot of things, but because the price is so great, you're actually saving a lot more than you spend! Whee!

  • Typically these summer items are not marked since their prices are constantly reduced and then salvaged. These items are located in one area where they keep their seasonal stuff. 
  • Check in the regular aisles as well! Anything that may look seasonal without a clearance sticker, scan it! Summer isn't over yet, and there's plenty of time to still have fun (I hope), so check out the summer toys like water guns, bubble sets, and hoola hoops for your family! I am sure there are a lot more items, but I have no idea what is left since it depends on store and availability.They are most likely getting rid of these items in order to make room for autumn products. Crazy, isn't it? (Random: I already saw Christmas ribbons being sold at Costco at the beginning of July!) 
  • NOTE that some stores may not have marked down their items to 90% yet. Signs may not have changed like it says 70% Off , but scan the items anyway, because sometimes it's already 90% off, but the associates just haven't changed the signs!
  • Additionally you can use coupons wherever they may apply. I definitely recommend bringing whatever coupons you have (or binder!) and head to Target whenever you have a chance! You are allowed to use coupons on clearance items!

Hopefully I'll have something to share with you soon for my trip tomorrow. I'm hoping to score some seasonal party bags if they are on clearance! I wish you all luck shopping! Happy findings, everyone!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Manicure Monday!

You can probably tell I've been loving JulieG's nail polishes lately! I love that her polishes are 1. inexpensive 2. of great quality 3. of a wide range of colors 4. available! This one is called "Julie's Fave," and it's a natural pink color. I can see why it's her favorite color, assuming that almost every girl loves pink and loves wearing pink!

Sunday, July 21, 2013


I am becoming obsessed with these Asian facial masks! Thank you Korean markets! Each mask costs $1 which is reasonably priced. I am grateful I live 5 minutes away from one! :X 

Has anyone tried any of the ones pictured? I'm thinking about trying the pomegranate one tonight before bed, and I'll let you know how it works!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

REVIEW: Almay Color + Care Lip Balms

I have new lip products, and they're glosses! My sister recently gifted me with two of the new Almay Color + Care Lip Balm line! She gave me Pink Pout (Barbie looking pink), and Blooming Balm!

Pink Pout:You can tell by the swatch and demo that Pink Pout is a sheer, yet buildable gloss. The color reminds me of a Barbie pink, which is a bold, bright pink, at least in its package. Packaging is quite cute by the way.  I love how small and convenient it is to carry around in a purse.

The color is quite pretty. Formula isn't super sticky like some glosses which is nice. 

Blooming Balm:
This color is a light lavender pink lip gloss, and like the other color, it can be sheer, but it's buildable and looks pretty awesome. It definitely has pigmentation like the other color, and the formula is similar, where it's not too dry. I always think that great lip glosses are a good protector for the lips especially in dry and cold weather, which these are-- balms as its collection states. I can see myself wearing these glosses throughout the year as I tend to have dry lips.

With Blooming Balm, which is a much lighter color that Pink Pout, is still visible on the lips.
Application is pretty simple since the applicator is like old traditional lip gloss applicators. Nothing special so it glides right on. Formula is perfect where it's not too sticky. I find these two glosses similar to the Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Glosses when it comes to formula and pigmentation. Will I buy these Almay glosses in the future? It probably depends on the color they have available. I would choose between these and the Revlon glosses, but ultimately color would be the deciding factor for me since I find them similar.

These glosses are inexpensive where you can purchase one for only $4.99 at your Target, though prices may vary by region and store.

Save $1 now on these Almay Color + Care Lip Balms by using a $1 Off Coupon from by clicking HERE.

Wedding Reception Dress?

My cousin is getting married in two months, and I think I've picked out my dress for the wedding!
I first purchased a Lauren by Ralph Lauren black dress on super clearance for $25, originally $100 at Marshalls. Retail store value was $180, but I went to Ross with my aunt and mom and found this beautiful iridescent purple dress! The dress is Alex Evenings, and I just love the color and details. The dress was on clearance for only $21! I'm not sure what dress I'll be wearing, but I'll definitely upload pictures of my pick when the wedding comes around!

P.S. Who else loves weddings?!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Intense Moisturizing Hair Treatment!

Hello, hello! I've recently tried out the Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Intense Moisturizing Treatment that I purchased from CVS last week or so. I've never worn a hair mask or done any moisture treatment to my hair (only hair coloring and damaging :P ), so I wanted to see what it felt like!

The back describes the ingredients, what the purpose of this treatment is for, and how you apply it. The product comes in a small jar (13 fl. oz.), and it smells exactly like the argan oil conditioner by Organix! It's supposed to protect your hair from heat, moisturize it, and make it smooth and shiny.
So exactly what are you supposed to do? I took a generous amount of the treatment and lathered it through my hair with my fingers, trying to get the product through hair strands. I started application on the scalp and worked down the tips of my hair, and then I applied more cream to the tips since that is where I feel like I need more moisture since it's chemically treated.
Afterwards, I put my hair in a plastic bag so that the heat can be trapped and help my hair absorb the treatment better. You can use a shower cap if you have one, but I didn't have one so any plastic bag will work as long as you can tie it.

The jar recommends putting an additional cover over the hair using a warm towel. I followed the directions and soaked my towel in a bucket full of hot water. I drained what I could from the towel and wrapped it over the plastic bag on my head.

The directions said to leave the treatment on for 15 minutes which I did. After time ended, I pulled it all off!

 We're not quite done yet! We have to rinse it off! The directions said to wash your hair in cold water and that's  what I did! This is my hair after I let it air dry:

I obviously need a haircut, and my hair looks really dry, but the product actually made my hair feel smooth and silky, especially my damaged ends. However, I felt like this treatment is a 1-2 day thing which is "meh." I don't have time to do this for my hair every other day. Maybe my hair is way too damaged? Haha! I'm thinking about cutting my hair soon, so hopefully that'll help! I'll continue using this product, and I hope that maybe more uses will give me better and better results!
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