Monday, April 29, 2013

Manicure Monday!

Happy Monday everyone!

This week's manicure is Sally Hansen's Salon Effects in "510 Mod About You." I bought several of these Salon Effects at Target on clearance (retail value is $7-10) a long time ago using coupons, and now I'm finally giving them a try. It's actually not too bad to put on, but here are the contents inside the box:

 This comes with 14 tabs of different size nail shapes for you to choose from, a small filer, a wooden stick, and instructions.

First you have to file down your nail to your desired shape, and then using the wooden stick you're supposed to push your cuticles down.

Next: 1) Select the shape size that fits each nail the best. 2) Peel the clear slip off, and 3) Break the tip 4) Peel the nail color/design off and apply on your nails. Using the orange side of the file, file the sticker down and take excess off.

It was very tricky for me to apply the salon effects. I didn't understand the breaking part, but I eventually just peeled the whole thing off and pressed it down my nails. Here is the outcome:
 It's a little messy, but it didn't turn out too bad. The box says it should last up to ten days, and knowing how this is my first time, I'm sure it'll last me a few days. HAHA.

It's definitely easier to use nail polish to paint nails, but perhaps it's because I'm not used to using these Salon Effects. I have quite a few more of these, so I'll definitely have time to perfect this nail technique! :)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fashion Haul!

My little fashion haul from the past two weeks! :) Excuse the funny thumbnail. :P

I could not find any of the items I purchased online, but here are the store links:

You can check out Kohl's Clearance page HERE.
Old Navy has 20-30% off purchase promotion going on now!
I visited the Carlsbad Outlet where I purchased my jean jacket from Gap (35% off everything sale now), and cardigan/sweater from Banana Republic (40% off women's style going on until 04/30).

Saturday, April 27, 2013

REVIEW: Milani Color Statement Lipstick in "Nude Cream"

Hi Everyone!

I purchased a tube of Milani Color Statement Lipstick at CVS a couple weeks ago on sale for $4, and I purchased the color, "Nude Cream."

Right when I opened the tube, I noticed the smell, and it smells absolutely delicious! It's a sweet smell, but not overly sweet. It's a really decent smell. I swatched (below) the lipstick, and it is so creamy. I put it on my lips as well, and it felt very moisturizing. The color on the other hand is a little to light for my liking. I think with my yellow skin I need to find a darker nude color. I always find that it is so difficult to find the "perfect" nude color. This one had a pink undertone which I thought would be great, but man it is hard to wear pink too! I do recommend these lipsticks though! They smell good, are creamy, and there are 30 colors to choose from. Best of all, they are affordable! Be warned that this isn't a matte lipstick so it will come off when you eat, so I definitely recommend bringing the tube with you wherever you go to reapply! :)

You can purchase this product at your local drugstore, or on Milani's website HERE. I usually just wait for a weekly sale at the drugstore. :)

Running Day!

This morning I pushed myself to wake up at 6AM to do a morning run at the beautiful Torrey Pines State Reserve in San Diego, and I am so proud of myself for going on a run today! I completed 4.5 miles of walking, running, jogging, and a lot of climbing! If you ever visit San Diego, this is a must-go destination. I snapped some pictures of the view!

I love San Diego!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Manicure Monday!

Happy Monday!

It's been a long weekend, but it was definitely a great one. For this week's polish, I am wearing Essie's "In the Cab-ana" which is a pretty, bright sky blue color. This color is one of the nine in the Resort Collection 2013, and I love that it stands out. I only applied two coats with a top coat of Seche Vite.

Here's a picture of four Resort polishes out of nine:

I purchased these at Empire Beauty Supply Store in San Diego. The colors are from left to right: First Timer, Come Here, Under Where, In the Cab-ana

You can purchase these polishes at ULTA online or in stores for $8. I've also found them in local drugstores like CVS and Rite Aid. On the Ulta website you can see the other five polishes in the collection.

Target also sells Essies, and there's a hot coupon right now for $2 off at !

Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Target Mobile Coupons

There are new mobile coupons that got sent out today! In addition to offering Target coupons to shoppers at , Target also sends mobile coupons to your phone through SMS, so you don't have to waste printer ink. Some of the mobile coupons can actually be found online on their coupon page. Once you sign up, you should receive a text message from Target. Simply click on the link in the text, and it will direct you to a website with a personal barcode scan that saves you money when you qualify. All you have to do is show the cashier the barcode for them to scan, and that's it! You can sign up HERE for your Target coupon mobile alerts! :)

Here is a look at what they sent out today (expiration date is May 3)!

Happy savings!

Sunny Saturday in San Diego! :)

It's Saturday! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Temperatures here are in the low 80s which is perfect for San Diego.

I'm spending a majority of the day indoors studying for another exam this upcoming Wednesday. Later in the evening I'll be attending one of my best friend's birthday party, and hopefully catch up with some of my friends from out of town at the Gaslamp District!

It seems to be a pretty busy weekend since tomorrow I'll be attending FUSION, a hip hop dance competition held at UCSD tomorrow that is hosted by the Multi-Asian Student Association. :) I'm super excited for this show because I was in MASA for three years and was a FUSION Coordinator for my last two years. I am so proud of the staff no matter what the outcome of the show is. It is tough planning such a large event for so many people!

Any who, I woke up this morning and I did Blogilates! Yes! I worked out, and it's been a few months! No more excuses! I know I've posted a few videos in a much older post of a few of my favorite workouts, but here are other ones that I enjoy doing!

Ahh I sweat so much when I do her exercises! Try it yourself! :) 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tarte Discovery Sale! Up to 50% Off!

There is a Tarte sale happening right now where products are up to 50% off in their Discovery Sale! Prices are as marked! Check out the sale HERE.Shipping is free with a minimum $40 purchase. I'm not sure when the sale is over, but definitely check it out soon before items start selling out.

If I could buy makeup (I'm not allowing myself to buy makeup for a while since I have way too much!), I'd buy these two for sure!

 Maracuja Miracle Foundation -- There are many, many colors! I'm most closest to the "light to medium" shade. It's only $21, 50% off of $42 original price!!
I've actually seen this bronzer around a lot, and it's the Amazonian Clay Mineral Bronzer in Hotel Heiress for only $10!!! This was originally $29!

There seems to be so many makeup sales going on right now that it makes me sad! Haha :P Happy shopping!

Ipsy April 2013 Bag!

Hello Everyone!

I got my Ipsy bag this past Saturday, and I am pretty happy with my bag! If you do not know what Ipsy is, it is a monthly subscription program co-founded by YouTube star, Michelle Phan, where each month you receive a bag  filled with 4 to 5 deluxe size or full size samples from various brands. It only costs $10 if you are living in the USA, and $15 in Canada. You can visit there link here: to find out more information or subscribe. You may have to waitlist depending on availability.

This month's theme is "Pretty in Pink," and I sure did receive pink items! Good thing I love pink!

I got a (from left to right) deluxe size of Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Nourishing Styling Treatment, full size Sation nail lacquer, Be a Bombshell blush and Mia Beauty Cosmetics shimmer powder.

 This month's bag is white with a pink trimming on top! I think it is an adorable bag, although this bag will get dirty pretty easily. I really do like it though!
There are white and pink stripes inside the bag with Ipsy's logo. This is waaaaay too cute!

Let's get to the items inside the bag! Eeks!

This Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Styling Treatment smells soooOOo good! It cotains argan oil which is very popular this season for fresh, sleek and soft hair! Retail value for this 0.85 travel size is $3.55 - $4.99

This is Sation Nail Lacquer in "Of Corset I'll Call You" which is a very creative name! I absolutely love this pink sheertone color. Yes, it is sheer and you'll have to put at least 2 to 3 layers, but it is such a pretty light pink. If you're a pink lover then you'll love this shade! Retail value is around $3.50 - $4. 

This is Be a Bombshell Cosmetics' Blush in "Beach Please, which I consider is a very bright and vibrant pink tone. I'm not used to wearing these kinds of pink, but I'm definitely going to give this a try. I'm usually scared to wear pink because I feel as if I'll be flushed out, but for this blush perhaps a little blush and a lot of blending may do its job! It's still a great color! Retail value is $16.

The last item in the bag features a full size Mica's Beauty Cosmetics' Mineral Eye Shadow in "Earth" which is so beautiful! It's a champagne color, and it's so pretty as it reflects in the light! This powder is definitely loose, so eye primer is a must have for this product. Product retails for $14.97; Use ipsy30 code for 30% off all Mica's Beauty Cosmetics through the month of April!

I am overall impressed with this month's bag, though I have recently unsubscribed. I unsubscribed because there's always other products that I really want to get my hands on, rather then seeing what random stuff I'll get each month. Instead, I can invest that $10 a month and put it towards something I really want. If you like getting new beauty products and trying new stuff out, then Ipsy is for you! Ipsy is a great monthly subscription though with great costumer service, and I do recommend it!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Target Tuesday: Baby Wipes on Sale @ Target!!

Great deal going on right now at Target on their Huggies baby wipes! I use baby wipes to remove my makeup with cold cream, and I never pay more than $1 for a pack of baby wipes. Yes, you can buy one of a huge box at Costco or Target that contains 12 or more packs of baby wipes, but it is actually cheaper when you can use a coupon for a single pack!

Currently at Target, all Huggies baby wipes individual packs are $2.00 on sale. If you buy a pack, you can get a second pack for only $1.00! So that means you pay $3 for two packs of Huggies wipes. This is without coupons which is an awesome deal anyway, knowing that one of these packs can cost $2.39.

Using coupons however can save you $1.50 to $2!

Here's how:

Go onto Huggies' FaceBook page and play a wiping game (link below).
 $0.75 to $1.00 off Huggies Baby Wipes Coupon

At the end of the game you can choose to print a $0.75 coupon for a pack of baby wipes OR you can share the game/page with three other friends and get a $1.00 coupon off instead.

So back to the Target scenario:
  • Buy 2 Huggies baby wipes ($2 for first pack + $1 for second pack = $3)
  • And use TWO of these coupons (either $0.75 or $1.00)
  • Pay $1.50 OR $1.00 for 2 packs of baby wipes
    That makes it only $0.75 or $0.50 for a pack of baby wipes!

Great deal huh?!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Manicure Monday!

I have been wearing a lot of Essie lately, and it's because I absolutely love this brand! Essie released their Resort 2013 nail polish collection, and I actually got my hands on them! They are absolutely bright, vibrant, creamy, and perfect for spring and summer!

I am wearing "First Timer" which is a minty green color. This is cream-based of course, and I only used two coats with Seche Vite as my top coat. I didn't trim my cuticles or anything, so forgive me for not having nice nails. The color is nonetheless gorgeous!

Pretty, right? My eyes are currently on their summer 2013 collection which I am waiting patiently to hit my local stores. Eeks!

Have a great Monday!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

JulieG Frosted Gumdrops on Groupon!

To all my nail polish lovers out there, JulieG Frosted Gumdrops are on Groupon for only $13!!! You'll also have to pay $2.99 shipping and handling if you only purchase one set.

The collection contains 6 full size polishes.

Colors from left to right are as follows:
Tangerine Dream, Sugar Rush, Hot Cinnamon, Crushed Candy, Blueberry Fizz, and Rock Candy

These polishes have a "sand" texture finish, and are limited edition and have just recently been released. Groupon has sold over a thousand of them, and the likelihood of them selling out is high! I purchased mine last night after doing some thinking, but after reading on forums and other blogs how people couldn't find them in stores, I knew that it was right for me to buy them! You can try and find them at your local Rite Aid for $3.99 a pop, or if you live in San Diego like myself, I paid $17 with shipping and tax for all 6 which is still a great deal!

I think these colors are great for spring and summer, and I have seen swatches of these polishes, and they are pretty dang pretty!

The deal ends in 4 hours, so buy them now! Groupon link HERE.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Macarons Craving (+ Review) !

Happy Friday evening! Hopefully you all have finished your taxes, so that you can enjoy tonight! Thank goodness it is Friday!

I've been craving so badly for macarons (English)/macaroons (French spelling), and in San Diego they don't have many places nearby my home that sell them. I found on Yelp though that there's a cafe called Opera Cafe & Patisserie that sells a box of 12 of them for $12 which is considered "cheap" in comparison to other places that sell them for $2 a piece! Opera Cafe is a French restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch on a daily basis. It's located in Sorrento Valley where a lot of the businesses are so it can get pretty crowded!

I stopped by the cafe a little after 1PM and to my surprise the cafe was so packed! The cafe works like Panera Bread where you order and pay at the front, you're given a number card to place at your table, and then they deliver your food. The cafe was not at all quiet! I felt like it was a huge and popular restaurant with both many indoor and outdoor seating! I definitely want to stop by for lunch one day to try out the menu, but I was solely there to satisfy my craving! The 12 macarons were already packaged in a box and came in six flavors, two of each!

I've definitely tried out better ones, and I noticed that these are smaller sized than usual, but that is probably reflected in the cheaper price.

Here's a look at the inside of the chocolate macaron:

The macarons are very flaky. As I picked one out of the box the dessert was already cracking and coming apart which I didn't like; It was as if the top layer was filled with only air. The sizes of the macarons are quite small, but they are cheaper than the ones I have had, so I can't really complain. In terms of flavor, they sure are flavorful. I suggest refrigerating them before eating them, that way you can really taste the flavors. My favorites of all of them are definitely the "wild strawberry" and "salted caramel." They are delicious! The flavors of each one are truthful to what they are depicted, but those two flavors stood out to me the most.

Do I recommend these macarons? Yes! Though I have experienced better macarons, these aren't too bad for the price. You can taste the flavors and they are inexpensive in comparison to other French bakeries!

I do want to come back to this restaurant and order a meal too! They also had a nice display of other desserts that looked so good! I'll definitely give this place another try for their other foods! :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

REVIEW: NYX Natural Eye Shadow Palette

Hello Everyone!

Tomorrow is Friday! YAY! And today I have a review on the new NYX Natural Eye Shadow Palette that just recently came out. I created the video down below to share with you all my thoughts on the new palette along with some swatches of the colors.

You can purchase the palette HERE at Ulta.  Regular Price = $6.99, on sale NOW for $4.19 (though I don't recommend purchasing it!)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Manicure Monday!

Happy Monday Everyone!

It's a brand new week, and I hope everyone's week will go smoothly!

I finally put on some nail polish on my fingernails after one whole week of having them bare! It's unusual for me to not wear nail polish, but I have no time to paint my nails when I have an upcoming exam. This color I am wearing isn't as vibrant or bright as it should be for spring, but I love it anyway, and it's Essie's Merino Cool.

This is from their fall collection a few years ago, and it's a dark grey color with a slight hint of purple undertone. I only needed to put two coats on since I felt like the formula is a cream and is already thick enough to cover all my nail spots. This color is very creamy which I love very much! I'm all about the cream! I'd choose a cream color over any glitter polish any day! Yes, I said it! My nails look really shiny only because I used the Seche Vite top coat. It's a wonderful top coat that makes my nails look as if I got a gel manicure.  Do I recommend this color? Yes!

Maybe I'll wear a brighter color next week! By the way, have you seen the Essie Resort Collection for Spring/Summer? They are beautiful! I saw them on Scrangie's blog HERE, and fell in love with the vibrant cream shades!!! I need them!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

UPDATE: Target Easter Clearance NOW 90% Off!

Hi Everyone!

This is just an update on a previous post on Easter clearance at Target! There are many reports that Target has their Easter clearance at 90% (decor, activities, baby clothes, baskets, basket stuffers, etc.) and 70% (dollar section items, candy, baking) off right now, so definitely try and head over there soon to check it out if you're waiting on Easter goodies! Please note that Targets vary by region and store, so your store may not have hit the 90% off clearance yet.

I did stop by a Target today, and signs stated 70% off, but it rang up as 90% off when I did a price scan. The dollar section items with a black dot on the back should be 70% off. I didn't get as many items as I did like for the Christmas and Valentine's Day clearance sales, but I'm happy with my purchases!

Easter items I've purchased:

  • Easter Basket - $1.50
  • Yarn Frames Kit - $0.50
  • Paper Flowers Kit - $0.50
  • Wilton Candy Mold - $0.19
  • Ducky Luggage Tag - $0.90|
 Here are a few of the items up-close!

 The fabric is detachable from the basket! This was originally $15!

Cookie/Candy Mold!! Bunnies and flowers!

 Adorable luggage tag! Hopefully this will make my luggage stand out at the airport!

I'm not necessarily sure when their Easter clearance is over, but I'm going to give it 2-3 days before they salvage the items, so make sure you make a quick stop to Target if you don't want to miss it!

Friday, April 5, 2013

REVIEW: N.Y.C. Individual Eyes Palette!

Hi Everyone! Here's a review on N.Y.C. Individual Eyes Palette!

I know that Rite Aid and Target carries N.Y.C. makeup brand, and possibly CVS too, but it may vary depending on the region you are living in.

This palette is only $5 regular price, but there is usually a sale on N.Y.C. products at your local drugstore!

Here are pictures of the eye shadows on my eyelids! Isn't it pretty?!

Happy Friday everyone! :)
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