Sunday, March 31, 2013

Target Easter Clearance Heads Up!

To my Target lovers and bargain shoppers out there:

Easter clearance commences tomorrow at many stores, but of course I'll be tracking down Target!

Tomorrow all Easter candy should be 30% off, and all other Easter related items should be brought down to 50% off.

Eventually it will go further down to 50%/70% and then 70%/90%, Easter candy, and Easter related items, respectively.

I am excited! :)

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone!

I hope that everyone is having a great day with friends and/or family! I spent my morning attending church with my family, and then we had lunch with a few of my relatives at a Pho restaurant. I am at home and studying now for my exam tomorrow.

This morning I wore a red BCBG Max Azria dress (purchased at Nordstrom Rack), and nude pumps from Cathy Jean Shoes!

I spent Friday evening with my sister and her boyfriend dying eggs and decorating them. It was loads of fun, an as usual, my sister and I became competitive!

My mother purchased two of these Paas dying kits for me for only 40 cents each at the GTM discount store! 

Paas Kits! So fun!

This was a very messy, yet creative activity. I came to her apartment prepared with extra glue, glitter, paint brushes, and other embellishments!
These are the three eggs I decorated. Interesting, right? Not exactly as pretty as I had hoped for!
We ended up painting a dozen eggs! So many! Thank goodness I love hard-boiled eggs! :P

I think I'll probably do this again next year! What Easter festivities did you partake in?

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mini E.L.F. Cosmetics Haul

Hello Everyone!

I finally received a package from Eyes Lips Face that I ordered this past week! I only purchased six items, but here is my haul video.

I apologize for low quality!

I decided to grab a few things from Eyes Lips Face when they were having a free shipping promotion with a minimum $15 purchase. :)

Items purchased:
- Small Stipple Brush - $3
- Stipple Brush - $3
- Eyelid Primer - $1
- Blush (Candid Coral) - $3
- Bronzer (Golden Bronzer) - $3
- Corrective Concealer - $3


Last weekend I went to Disneyland and California's Adventure and one thing that I enjoyed there was the Pixar Parade! Here are a few pics!

I didn't take too many pictures of my trip overall, and I regret that I didn't, but I did have a great time park hopping. :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Polishes of the Week!

Since I didn't do Manicure Monday this week, I will instead post two nail polishes that I've recently worn or am wearing.

Both are from OPI and and are the "liquid sand" texture polishes that OPI created.

This first one is called "Can't Let Go" which is part of the Mariah Carey collection. It's a true purple color with extra glitter specs.

This one in my opinion is much better. This is OPI's "What the Wizardry is This" from the Oz: The Great and Powerful collection.

This is a liquid sand textured polish as well, and it is gold with fine gold glitter. Unlike the Mariah Carey one above, this doesn't have extra shape specs inside which I like better. Very pretty.

I do find that after one week the texture of these polishes fade away and starts coming off. I didn't wear a top coat because I liked the texture of the polishes that I wanted to leave it like that. I do like these colors and polishes though. :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Time is Here!

Happy Spring everyone!!!

I absolutely love spring time because of the beautiful weather, vibrant colors, bold looks, and the beach! There's something so relaxing about this season, yet I do find that it is also one hectic time of the year too! I'm excited to wear my spring clothing!!! I'll possibly do a post of some of my spring clothing both old and new that I am excited to wear this season! Here's one dress though that I've been LOVING, yet haven't worn:

 It's a long Kensie dress that I found at Ross for only $35 back in January! Its retail value is a whooping $148, so it's definitely a great steal! It's not in season, but does it matter?! I love the lace and the bird print, and the cute cord that you can tie around the waist. I believe it's called, the "sleeveless scoop-neck bird-printed A-line." 

Here's a model wearing it:

Kensie Dress, Sleeveless Scoop-Neck Bird-Printed A-Line 

Very cute! I'm definitely much shorter than her, but I'll make it work somehow! I'm excited to wear this soon as long as it's bright and sunny. It's supposed to rain in San Diego today, but so far so good!

What do YOU love most about spring? :)

Make Up Deals!

For all you make up and beauty fanatics, here is a list I created of some of the sales for the week!

  • Urban Decay has free shipping on all orders of $25 and over.
    One Week Only - Free Shipping On All Orders Over $25!
  • Ulta has their usual coupon of $3.50 off a minimum of $10 purchase of non-prestige brands. Use code: 104684 They also have the following deals:
    • Buy 1, Get 1 50% NYX cosmetics
    • Buy 1, Get 1 50% L'Oreal cosmetics
    • Buy 1, Get 1 50% Maybelline cosmetics
    • And more! check out their specials HERE.$3.50 off

  •  Nordstrom has a promotion for Lancome where if you purchase $39.50 worth of Lancome cosmetics you get a free gift worth $127 in value. Use code: PURPLE or CORAL.

  • E.L.F. has a few awesome deals right now! 
    • The advertised deal they have is free shipping on all orders of $15 or more with the code:b BREAK. This deal ends tonight at midnight!
    • The unadvertised deal that I found on retailmenot is 50% off ALL E.L.F. Studio Line cosmetics with the checkout code: ECS50F !!!!!!!!!!!!! If you're planning to purchase more a lot of make up from the E.L.F. Studio Line products, then I definitely suggest using this coupon code rather than the free shipping since you'll save more that way. 
    • Note that you are only allowed to use one coupon code per order, AND that E.L.F. does not charge tax, so you'll probably get more products for you bucks on their webpage than going to your local Target. :)

  • Hautelook has some CARGO cosmetics products for a discounted price. This deal ends on Friday at 8AM.
    Metallico Chain Bag Collection
This isn't a temporary deal, but Nordstrom and MAC Cosmetics have free shipping on any order, no minimum in case you wanted to buy something from MAC or from the beauty department on Nordstrom's website. :)

Happy shopping, and happy savings, friends! :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Manicure Monday!

This week's nail polish color is in "24/7" by Sinful Colors (2 coats)! I purchased this color at Walgreens for $1.99, and it surprisingly goes on matte! I usually prefer when the manufacturer labels the polish stating whether or not it's matte, and Sinful Colors didn't, but I don't mind this matte bright pink color! It's more of a summer shade in my opinion, but I just wanted to be a little bold this week. :)

I find that Sinful Colors has a range of colors, and is quite inexpensive at Walgreens and CVS. $1.99 regular prices. Sometimes these drugstores have these polishes on sale though, so definitely be on the lookout! :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Random Vent.

I don't know whether to call this an unproductive weekend or not, but I have spent more than a cumulative of 12 hours looking into graduate programs and possible health career opportunities instead of studying vigorously for my class or the GREs. The future will always be scary for many of us to think about. What is the next step? Will I be successful? Will I be happy? Will I make a difference in this world? These are a few of many questions that I always ask myself on a daily basis, and of course I don't have all the answers to my questions. I need to remind myself of the accomplishments I've already made, and that anything is possible if I try my best, and that my best is acceptable.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Nail Polish Addict? HERE!

I am probably one of many, many nail polish addicts out there, and what better way to start the weekend by finding out that Sally Beauty Supply has an extra 50% off deal on all red tag clearance items ranging from hair curlers, eyelashes, and best of all, nail polishes! :D

I went to my local Sally's, and the employee there is super duper sweet! I picked up 8 bottles of nail polishes which all of them are China Glaze with the exception of one, Seche brand. I'm so ecstatic because they are already reduced to $3.29 and with the extra 50% off I paid $1.65 for each bottle! :D

I definitely recommend checking out your nearest Sally Beauty Store! It ends this Sunday, so you want to get there soon, and it's while supplies last! I'll probably swatch these beauties later after I get some studying and work done! :) Happy Shopping!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Manicure Monday!

Today's Manicure Monday is by OPI from the Pirates of the Caribbean Limited Edition collection from a few years back in "Mermaid's Tears."

I love OPI because their formula is great and easy to apply. I love this color because the color is perfect for spring. It's also a plus that this color is a cream color! :) Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Manicure & Pedicure Time!

Happy Friday! I'm spending this wet and rainy Friday evening with some self-pampering! I'm going to give myself a pedicure and a manicure! :D I was reorganizing my mounting nail polish collection, and I was sad to have thrown some out due to dryness, but it got me in the mood to paint my nails!

Look at the colors I've selected! So ready for spring despite this constant rain! Yes, it's raining again here in San Diego! The rain always come and go, and it's getting quite annoying, but I love the rain nonetheless! I'm probably going to catch up on some of my shows too!

If you're wondering what the colors are above, they are from left to right:
  • Sinful Colors - Orange Cream
  • OPI - Mermaid's Tears
  • Sephora by OPI - The Golden Age
  • Sephora by OPI - Fancy Schmancy
  • Tammy Elegant - Base Coat
Have a great Friday everyone! :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Loofah Excitement!

This is definitely a random find, but I'm beginning to love the 99 Cent store! I went in there today to see if they had anymore of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects kits, but they didn't have them anymore, so I looked around and found some other things instead like a stack of black Pentel pens, Revlon nail filers, and THIS three-pack body bath loofah scrubs:

I know, you're probably thinking like I'm crazy right for getting excited about this?! Yup! I was really just excited that one of them had a handle because I find it hard to reach my back sometimes when I'm using a loofah, but luckily this 3-piece set comes with a loofah, and two bath back loofah scrubbers: one with string and the other with a wooden stick! Whoo hoo! Yay for a dollar! Sometimes you just get excited about a single purchase, and this was it for me! :P

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Collective Drugstore Makeup Haul!

Hi Everyone!

I have a collective drugstore makeup haul to share with ya'll! This is definitely a big haul for me, and I did not purchase all of these items in one day, hence, "collective" haul. You can watch my 20 minute (I know! It's so long! :X Sorry!) if you want to find out where I purchased the items and how I feel about some of the times I've already tried!

Items I've purchased:
  • NYC Browser Kit
  • NYC 8 Hour City Gloss
  • NYC Show Time Mascara
  • NYC High Definition Eyeliner
  • NYC Skin Matching Adapting Technology Foundation (in 687, Light to Medium)
  • NYC Smooth Skin Foundation (Classic Beige, Barely Beige, Soft Beige)
  • Nivea Kiss of Smoothness
  • Nivea Kiss of Milk and Honey
  • NYX Rouge Cream Blushes (Tickled, Glow, and Natural)
  • Revlon Nail Files
  • Maybelline Color Whispers (Who Wore it Redder, Pin Up Peach, Lust for Blush, Cherry on Top)
  • Physicians Formula Jumbo Lash Mascara
  • Maybelline Volum' Express The Rocket Mascara
  • ELF Foundation Brush
  • ELF Powder Brush
Have any of you used any of these items? Let me know how you like them! I'll definitely try my best to do a review on some, if not all, of these products through a YouTube video or a simple blog post on my blog! 

Hypoallergenic Cat?

I was looking at my Instagram earlier and saw that Ellen Degeneres posted this adorable picture:

I adore cats, but unfortunately I am allergic to them! It makes me so sad because I want to be a crazy cat lady, but that can't happen unless I take allergy meds on a daily basis. I'm not sure if there are hypoallergenic cats, and so I did some googling. Right before I finished typing in the Google search bar, looked what popped up:

I am definitely not the only one! But I found that even though there are hairless cats like the sphinx or that there is a claim that a certain breed is hypoallergenic, cats will still produce allergens no matter what! Scientists are still doing studies on whether or not it's possible for there to be a hypoallergenic cat, but so far it's a no for me. I will adore these cute animals from online like on YouTube. Haha! :P

Monday, March 4, 2013

Manicure Monday!

It's a new week and it also means new nails for myself! I usually have my nails painted, with the exception of this past week. My other nail polish was peeling off, so I took all the polish off since I get annoyed when they start chipping, and when that starts I have a bad habit of picking on them. I didn't paint my nails afterwards because I had an exam that week, buuuttttt it's a new week, and I painted my nails!

This color is by Essie in "Da Bush." It's a very nice light green color with a hint of grey. It's a cream color, and goes on beautifully. I love Essie's formula! I got this one on clearance at TJ Maxx for $3. Very pretty indeed!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

REVIEW: Tarte Natural Cheek Stain in Flush

Hello Everyone!

I bought a small Tarte make up pack a month or so ago from Sephora, and I've finally tried out the mini cheek stain in the pack. The pack contained 3 samples and 1 full emphasEYES liner and was a limited edition that can no longer be purchased, but my review is for the Tarte Natural Cheek Stain in Flush which you can purchase the full size for $30 on the Tarte website or Sephora.

So according to the website it says that it's a "sheer berry red" which I think is true. Here's what I did to apply the product:

My  impression: This product is so dang sticky even though it smells so good! I can't get over the fact that it was so sticky as I was trying to blend it in. Quite honestly, I don't even think I did a great job of blending the blush in because it was so sticky that I felt it came right off!

Here's how it looks on my skin:

I am wearing foundation and you can see that my cheeks are a little pink. I'm not sure if it's from rubbing so hard or actually from the cheek stain. Color pigmentation is ok. I think if I really wanted the color to show, then I'll have to use a lot more product, but the website did state that it is sheer. Like I said before, it was really hard to blend the product because of the sticky texture. I decided to wait 10 minutes to see if it would dry on my face, but I waited to only be disappointed since my face was still sticky! After around 15 minutes though, I touched my face and it seemed like it wasn't sticky anymore. Many people love this product, but I personally don't like the formula, and I wouldn't recommend it especially if you're looking for something more blendable.

Friday, March 1, 2013

REVIEW: Maybelline Color Whispers

Hello Everyone!

I went to a few stores this week and picked up a few of the Maybelline Color Whispers.  I'm pretty late on getting them, but they do seem to be out of several colors when I have visited the drugstores.

There are 20 colors in this line, and I picked up four of them including (from Left to Right) Lust for Blush, Pin Up Peach, Cherry on Top, and Who Wore it Redder.


 From L to R: Lust for Blush, Pin Up Peach, Cherry on Top, and Who Wore it Redder.

My first impressions of them is that they are GREAT. I absolutely love how light they feel on my lips! They are soft and are also very moisturizing. These colors are great for everyday wear whether it's morning or night at a party. I do find that they are sheer for the most part, and that you'll need to put on at least 2 or 3 layers in order to get a nice color payout that you want. Another thing to note is that you'll need to reapply these whispers often especially if you go out to eat or drink. Because there are 20 colors, I feel like there is a shade for everyone. Overall, I really do like them despite of the few cons.

Lust for BlushThis color is a very nice color that looks like a light purple mixed with pink. This is a soft color for my lips.

Pin Up Peach
This is my favorite one out of the four I have bought. It is a nice peachy color with a hint of shimmer it. It looks very natural against my skin tone, and I actually use it as my everyday go-to lip color. Very natural if you're looking for something that doesn't fade out your skin or doesn't pop out too much.

Cherry on Top
For a pop of color this is a great color. It's definitely a bright cherry pink color that is great for the upcoming spring!

Who Wore it Redder
I initially thought that this color was going to be a traditional red, but it was not at all close to what I thought. It's more of a bright red, hot pink color. I'm not necessarily sure why they named the color, Who Wore it Redder, but I still find it to be a beautiful color. 

I really do like these lip products, and they are inexpensive, ranging from $5.50 to $7.49 depending if you buy them. I definitely recommend these Maybelline Color Whispers!

Happy March!

It is finally MARCH! I cannot believe it's March! March rings SPRING time for me and for a lot of you, although a lot of retailers have brought in their spring products by the end of January! Crazy right? Every season and holiday now comes two months ahead with the exception of Christmas which comes four months ahead! No kidding!

This weekend should be beautiful in San Diego! I'm going to get my hair cut today in two hours, and head to the beach where my friend works in a PT office to have lunch! The rest of my weekend will be spent doing school work and hanging out with my little cousins. I'm supposed to go to the zoo, but my uncle had asked me to take the little cousins out to shop with him since he doesn't know how to handle kids, and I do?! I do have some experience, but they're good kids at the top of their classes, hence why they get a shopping spree.

I went to a restaurant next to La Jolla Coves called Brockton Villa, and it was an absolutely gorgeous sight to see. I love La Jolla beaches of course since I went to college at UCSD, but seeing the coves yesterday on such a beautiful day made it extra special since I haven't visited in such a long time. I used to go to the coves at night with my friends and we would play in the water and talk about our past, present, and futures. Anyhow, I ordered crabcakes at Brockton, and they were good!

I do recommend this restaurant since they have good food and service and an astonishing view of the ocean, but parking is horrible! The restaurant is on Coast Blvd., but the street is one way only which sucks because if you can't find parking you'll have to go all the way around Downtown La Jolla, and it is crowded during lunch. The La Jolla Coves are one of the main attractions in my opinion in San Diego for tourists, so it does get crowded. It's definitely a popular spot! My cousin and I were sitting outside at first because we wanted to enjoy the view and sunshine, but the seals are right across from the restaurant, and they smelled horrible that we had asked to move inside. They were nice to accommodate us inside, and we were able to still have a view. :)

Here's to March, everyone! Have a great Friday, and a great weekend! I picked up some Maybelline Color Whispers this past week, so most likely I'll do a review on them sometime this weekend! :)

DIY: Photo Hangers (Clothespins)!

Hello Everyone!

Here's a really easy Do-It-Yourself project involving your favorite photos and memories that you want to display on your wall!

You'll need:
  • Wooden Clothespins
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Embellishments
  • String
  • Glue

  1. Take wooden clothespins and paint them in whatever color you like. Add cool designs if you want!
  2. After they are dried you can add embellishments like stickers and buttons using glue if you wish.
  3. Now you are done and you can attach your favorite memories using your new clothespins onto string attached to the wall. I attached a video below if you need further instructions or examples! :)

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