Wednesday, August 24, 2016

First Impressions/Review: NEW L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask - Detox & Brighten - Charcoal

L'Oreal has recently released a set of three different clay masks that you can now get your hands on at your local drugstore or superstore between $10 to $13. I picked up two of the three, and I'm pretty positive I will be picking up the one I don't have eventually! This line of masks are known as the Pure-Clay Mask with each having their own functions.

Each type of clay mask contains the three pure clays: kaolin, montmorillonite, and Moroccan lava, but what makes each mask unique is that they also each have different ingredients to perform certain tasks for our skin.

The green mask has eucalyptus which is supposed to purify and mattify your face, and the orange red mask contains red algae which supposed to exfoliate and refine your skin. The one I did a first impressions on is comparable to the original GlamGlow mask, the detox and brighten treatment mask that contains charcoal.

The Detox & Brighten treatment mask helps with dull and tired skin, bringing radiance to your skin meanwhile drawing out the impurities. L'Oreal also claims that this product will even out your skin tone.

If you have used clay masks before, applying this charcoal treatment is no different. I used to use my fingers to apply any kind of clay mask, but now I like to use a brush. Clay mask brushes are fairly inexpensive. I recommend using a flat foundation brush that you do not use to apply the mask. You can get the Wet N Wild flat foundation brush for $0.99 at Walgreens or Rite Aid that works perfectly for clay mask application.

The clay comes in a simple jar with a green top. You get 1.7/48 grams of product.

 I recommend applying a thin layer of product or else it will take a lot longer to dry. Avoid the eye area, and let the product work its magic for 10 to 15 minutes. I generally leave on my masks for 15 minutes or until it gets too dry. I do not recommend leaving it on for too long (>30 minutes) because your skin can get irritated from too much tightening. Yes, I am crossing my eyes in the photo below! :P

 This is a photo of my skin after using the charcoal clay mask. I am quite impressed with this product. It left my skin feeling refreshed, smooth, clear and bright! Unfortunately I no longer have the original GlamGlow to compare this to, but the L'Oreal clay mask did essentially the same thing, but at a huge fraction of the GlamGlow price.

If you want to see me try this product out for the first time, check out my first impressions/review below:

  • Inexpensive ($10-$13. I purchased mine from Target for $10. It's affordable!)
  • Draws out impurities
  • Makes skin appear brighter, clearer and smoother!
  • None! I do recommend putting on a mask prior showering because it can be a little messy over the sink! 

That is it for my first impressions and review. Thanks for reading and stopping by. :) 

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