Tuesday, July 12, 2016

REVIEW: Jouer Limited Edition Mermaid Long-Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick

Matte liquid lipsticks are the hype right now, and I admit that I am a contributor to that hype (as well as the highlighter hype)! Over the past year, I feel as if matte liquid lipsticks have gotten better and better in terms of formula. My first purchase of liquid lipsticks were the original Milani Amore, but I found that they were drying and some colors were very streaky. I like hydrating lipsticks because my lips tend to be dry and my favorite matte liquid lipsticks so far that I have tried are from Lonely Planet Co., an indie brand that can be found on Etsy. Jouer Cosmetics released their own line of liquid lipsticks this year that are marketed as long-wear lip creme liquid lipsticks, and I quite like their formula. It is not as hydrating as the Lonely Planet ones, but they are up there in rank for me.

They recently released their Mermaid summer collection, and I picked up the limited edition shade, Watermelon ($18), which is a matte bright red. This is red. RED, like POW in your face! It certainly reminds me of watermelon, and I love it! It dries fast, dries completely matte, and it's hydrating on the lips. I like red lipstick, but I usually wear a neutral shade because red lips are so difficult to upkeep throughout the day. If you eat something, that red creamy lipstick you love so much? Well, you just ate half of it. See the dilemma I hate dealing with?

But this. Even though oily foods will take this apart, it doesn't fall apart completely like when you would wear a creamy lipstick. It's a stunning color with a great formula. I will say the biggest con to this lipstick is that it sucks at layering. Once you put another layer on top of the previous layer you will notice that it'll start clumping and flaking, so reapplication of this liquid lipstick will be difficult. I would suggest wiping the entire lipstick off prior in order to reapply a new layer. The color and formula are very opaque, so this is only a huge problem when you eat oily foods. Other than that, it's a great liquid lipstick!

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