Friday, May 27, 2016

REVIEW: Too Cool For School Art Class by Rodin Shading Palette

I am so excited about this review, because I have been really enjoying this product! This is a contour compact by a Korean brand known as Too Cool For School. It may sound familiar because Sephora began selling some products from this brand online and in store beginning just last year. Unfortunately this contour compact is not sold at Sephora. I purchased mine on Memebox, however it is currently sold out. You can find this compact at for ~ $16.

Auguste Rodin was a French sculptor from the 19th century, and is the influence of this contour compact. The packaging is made out of plastic, with a sticker plastered atop as the label. I do not care much for the packaging, but it is good to note that the compact has a good snapping clasp that you have to press down in order to close, therefore the packaging in my opinion isn't too cheap or flimsy. The compact comes with a mirror and is thin enough to travel with.

The contour compact contains 9.5 grams of products and comes with three multi-color shades. The shades range from light, medium to dark, but even the darkest color is not that dark. I would recommend this for those who have fair to light-medium skin tones otherwise the contour may not show up.

What I like about this contour compact is that the colors themselves are neutral. I find that many of the contour products I have are either too warm or they make my face look too ashy. You can see on my arm how the lightest shade on the left is too light for my skin at least for my arm, but when I blend the entire compact with a brush the color is much more vivid.

All three blended. Because the contour shade is light, I feel that it is difficult to mess your contour up-- It's forgiving. I blend all three together to contour the majority of my face. I use the left and middle shades together to contour my nose.

The product itself is a little stiff when you first use it until you break into the top layer which the product will be smoother underneath. I like to use my e.l.f. Beautifully Bare blending brush that can be found at Target for $6 to apply this contour.

No contour.


Overall I like this contour palette a lot and I highly recommend it for those who have fair to light/medium skin tones. :)

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