Monday, August 10, 2015

ManiMonday: Kiss Everlasting French Nails

I recently attended a wedding, and this upcoming weekend I am attending another wedding! I thought it would be cool if I did my nails! I love having French manicure nails, but I have the tendency to chip them all the time when I get them done on my natural nails, and getting acrylic nails at the salon isn't worth it in my budget, so what did I do? I purchased a $5 Kiss Everlasting French (real short length) kit from Target with hopes of achieving salon-like French nails for a much lesser price.

These are supposed to last up to a week, but I have read reviews where these have lasted users for up to two weeks which is what I am hoping.

The results? Not bad, but not the best. I had issues with my first two nails because I did not put enough glue. I can be stingy sometimes, and I thought there wouldn't be enough glue, but there was plenty. Too bad I have air gaps between the fake nails and my real nails now. -__- 

My firsthand experience tips for first time users (:P) :
  • Trim your nails, cut the cuticles and smooth your nail out with a buffer
  •  Cover your entire nail with a THIN layer of glue
    • Too much glue will have the glue oozing out the sides of your nails, and it will take forever to get the nail glue off!
  • Cover the Kiss nails  with glue half way up the nail only or else it'll be too much glue. Make sure it's a thin layer as well
  • Once you put the Kiss nail on, press down from the button for at least five seconds to ensure all air bubbles move up and out.
 Overall they look natural though, and they're comfortable to wear. I've only had them on for two days, so I'll need to wear it until I take them off to fully develop an opinion on them, but so far so good! :)

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