Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hair, hair!

Happy hump day everyone! We are so close to the weekend already, and I am excited because I will be able to catch up on some work and rest!

I decided to chop off my hair yesterday, and it's a huge change for me because this is the shortest length I've ever had. Childhood Asian bowl-cuts hair do not count!  The last time I had my hair short was during my senior year in college, and ever since then I've kept my hair at a medium to long length.

I just wanted something different: a change. Summer is just a few months away, and although I do prefer longer hair during the hot season (I like the summer beach breeze blowing my hair into the wind, and having stylish beach hair. LOL), I just needed a change.


I look quite fierce don't I? My hair is pretty short! This is obviously when it's straight.

I also bought myself  a clip-less curling wand yesterday at Marshalls, and tried curling my hair to see what it'll look like and here it is:

Not bad right?

I'll be watching videos on how to style my short hair! :P

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