Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Up to 40% off - Clarins!

I check Gilt City's site on a weekly basis to see if they have any discount vouchers for beauty products, and of course they did when I checked the site today! Gilt City is offering a $30 off $75+ purchase* on the Clarins website, meaning you can get 40% off your purchase if you have $75 worth of products in your cart before coupon code! That's a great deal!

In order to get the offer, you have to RSVP for a coupon code, and a unique coupon code will be sent to the email that you signed up with on Gilt City. You have to RSVP for a voucher by the 26th of this month, but the voucher does not expire until March 3, which is a lot of time! :)

I'm definitely more interested in skin care products nowadays, so I might do some research and see if any Clarins skin care products are worth trying. Clarins also sells cosmetics and men care too.

*NOT an affiliate link. lol 

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