Monday, January 5, 2015

Manicure Monday: Comet in the Sky!

Hello friends! Monday is almost over, but I still want to share with you my nails that I painted last week! I've had some simple plain Jane nails over the past couple of months, but I thought I could add some glitz and glam to my nails since I have time to do so over this winter break. I am wearing OPI polishes in Lincoln Park After Dark (classic), and Comet in the Sky (Holiday Celebrity- Gwen Stefani Limited Edition).

Lincoln Park After Dark is one of my favorite dark purples. There's a reason why people talk about it all the time, and why it's still available for purchase in beauty stores. It's a creme polish with lots of shine. It appears almost black with more layers that you add on top of each other, but if you look closely at your nails then you will see that it is essentially a dark purple. 

Comet in the Sky was part of this year's holiday limited edition polish for Gwen Stefani's line. It is no longer sold in beauty stores, but I was able to find it at a local Marshalls/TJ Maxx for only $3.99! That's a great steal! Be aware that this polish is a bit gooey. It is thick, and its purpose is to be a top/overlay nail coat. My nails look like they have a million layers on because of this polish, but I was trying to get an even spread of the glitter holographic shape chunks. I think it's still pretty, especially over Lincoln Park After Dark!

Swatches on white paper. :P

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