Monday, November 17, 2014

What is life?

What is life? Well, right now I can tell you that life for me has no brows. See photographic evidence below.

I am wearing "Rhubarb" from the Bite Beauty Remixed set. (Sold out online at Sephora)

But besides the fact that my brow hairs are sparse and has been lacking growth, the seasons are coming! The seasons are coming! Yes, fall has finally arrived as temperatures average around 70 degrees, and continue to slowly drop. Soon enough winter will come too... in February. I noticed that I tend to become less productive as it becomes colder, which isn't good considering the fact that finals are coming in just a mere two weeks. Half of December will be filled with presentations, exams, and assignment deadlines, and then a few days later it will be Christmas time!

I am definitely already in the holiday spirit! 

I drove home Thursday evening to San Diego for the weekend to get a teeth cleaning at the dentist (which by the way was horrible as I found out that the office was closed, despite having an appointment), and it's refreshing to be back home. 

I escorted my uncle with my mother to his post-op eye appointment. He has down syndrome and recently got a cataract surgery. It's unfortunate that he can't speak, but he sure has a lot of personality! Do you see all that paper on the floor and stool of the seat? His favorite activity is tearing paper into little bits and pieces. His favorite paper is shred is tissue paper, oh and a few of my books and coupons have been victimized by my adorable 40-year old uncle too!

Because I am in the holiday spirit, I started decorating the house! :D It's a tradition for my mother and me to put up holiday decor the week of Thanksgiving, but it just felt appropriate to do it sooner since I am no longer living at home. I like having a home where it feels cozy and warm! I think I accomplished just that!

Would you believe me if I told you almost everything in this picture was on super sale (50-90% off) with the exception of Mr. Grinch? ;)

For all you beauty fanatics out there, the CVS beauty clearance sale has begun! Look for the pink 50% off and green 75% off stickers placed on beauty products or if there are none yet, go on Instagram and look up the hashtag "#cvsbeautyclearance" to see what people have found that are ringing up as clearance. I stopped by a local CVS while I was in town and picked up the NYX Mosaic Powder for $3.74. Not bad!

One of the best reasons about going home is being able to hang out with my friends again! We celebrated Thanksgiving a little early by having an "Epic Hot Pot Night!" It was indeed "epic" as we feasted on seafood, meats, veggies, and maybe had a little too much soju and beer to drink. It was great seeing everyone again and having a blast like we used to in our college years. 

Now it's Monday, and Monday means business. I can't wait until it's Thanksgiving and then Christmas! :) Have a happy Monday, and a great week! 

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