Thursday, October 16, 2014

SWATCHES: LORAC Mega Pro Palette!

Hi everyone!
I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the limited edition holiday LORAC Mega Pro Palette ($59) last week, and I am here to bring you the swatches! From my understanding, this palette is sold out on the LORAC website; however, Amazon is supposed to have another shipment coming soon. You can sign up through Amazon HERE to get an update whenever the palette is available for purchase again. I heard rumors that it's coming back in stock again on the 18th? I have no clue, but sign up if you want to grab your hands on this palette! Do I think this palette is worth it? Yes. If you own any LORAC Pro Palettes, this is another must-have. Quality, buttery shadows for an amazing price. This would also be a great holiday gift.

Click on any photo to enlarge.
 The palette itself has the same rubber-matte texture like the other two pro palettes. This is exactly twice the size of one pro palette.

The top two rows are matte (16 shadows), and the bottom two rows are shimmer (16 shadows). The only colors that are repeated from the other two pro palettes that you see in the mega are: cream, white, and black.

Swatches below for each row.

The last one is not supposed to be "espresso," but "indigo."

My favorite rows? The 2nd and 4th ones! :) I've been using this palette almost every time I do my makeup now! 

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