Saturday, July 19, 2014

REVIEW: NYC Cosmetics Liquid Lipshine in "Guava"

Hi everyone! I just discovered the NYC Cosmetics Liquid Lipshine at Rite Aid just recently, and I picked up the color "Guava" from one of the displays. I am unsure if this color is limited edition or not since it was in a cardboard display box with a summer theme, but nevertheless, I want to rave about this lip product, specifically this color in particular because it is amazing!

For only $1.99, NYC Cosmetics has created a lip gloss (specifically Guava since I haven't tried other colors from the line), filled with pigmentation and shine that lasts throughout the day! Rite Aid is having a deal this week where the entire NYC Cosmetics line is 40% off, so you can actually score this for even cheaper than two bucks!

Guava is a bright, fun pinky fuchsia lip gloss. It appears to be completely a creme color with no fine glitter, but after wearing it several times, I discovered that there are really fine purple glitter in the gloss that you can't see unless you get a close up look or if you have a camera flash on.

The applicator wand is quite long. It's easy to use on the bottom of my lips, but it doesn't work as well on my top lips since it's too big. If you want precise application then I suggest using a lip brush, but this is lip gloss, so it's not too bothersome to quickly fix and wipe off excess gloss.

Can you guys see the fine purple glitter? It's not too noticeable! 

Without flash you can't see too much of the purple glitter. But dang, is this gloss GLOSSY or what?!

The gloss appears lighter pink with flash. I love that the fine purple glitter gives your lips a little bit more dimension.

Overall, I love this lip gloss. I love the color, I love the high shine that it gives off, and I love that it's so stinkin' affordable! $1.99 and that's regular price! I even love the little purple they got in there! My only two complaints is the length of the applicator is a little too long, and so it's a little more difficult to apply with precision on the top lips (luckily this is lip gloss and not lipstick though), and two, that the gloss smells like vanilla, which I personally don't like. The smell doesn't linger, so it's not a huge bother. If you like this color, I suggest going to your local Rite Aid if you have one nearby to buy it now since I didn't see this shade on the regular shelf normally where the line is displayed. Plus, the brand is 40% off this week only, and if you spend $5 after discounts, you'll receive $2 in +UP Rewards with your Rite Aid Wellness membership! I can't wait to try other colors from this line!

Yay or nay for this pop of pink?!

P.S. The first time I tried this on was when I decided to do 4-5 hours of straight cleaning and packing! I was so tired and sweaty, but you know what? My lips looked good! :P 

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