Friday, June 6, 2014

REVIEW: Maybelline Master Duo by EyeStudio Glossy Liquid Liner in "Glossy Teal"

Maybelline's Master Duo by EyeStudio Glossy Liquid Liner in "Glossy Teal" ($7.99) was a huge disappointment. I was initially drawn to this liner due to its bright color, and ability for me to create different size strokes, but this liner's formulation was a huge mess, and has me regretting making this purchase.

According to Maybelline, this liner has a unique double sided tip that allows you to create thick and thin lines, hence why it is called a "duo." You can get a different application thickness if you rotate a.k.a. turn the brush at a 90 degree.

The color doesn't look bad at first, but then you take a closer look and you'll realize that the formula is horrible! Why?

This liner is diluted, goopy, and messy. A huge problem I experienced was that the product would travel down my lashes from the roots to the tips and would glue my lashes together. See how the roots of my lashes are blue and look very clumpy?

The texture is bad as well. I understand that this is supposed to be "Glossy Teal," but the "glossy" doesn't look "glossy" because it feels and looks like an adhesive. I really do believe that this liner makes your eyelids look like they're aging since it attaches to your skin.

The worst part about this liner? Removing it. If you remove your eye makeup, you'll notice everything is gone with the exception of the liner. The liner sticks on your eyelid unless you rub it off  or peel it  off. Not what I had expected either. Sometimes it will peel off and get stuck in your lashes, and that just makes removing your eye makeup more frustrating. I highly do NOT recommend this liner, especially for an overpriced $8! I honestly have no pros for this liner.


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    1. I have the Milani Liquid Eye Liner in "Prismatic Purple," but it is also very diluted and runny. Do you have any good recommendations for colored liquid liners?


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