Sunday, June 22, 2014

Recap: See You Later!

Happy Sunday everyone!

I thought that it'll be a good idea for me to blog once a while on how my week and/or weekend went. It'll be good for me to slow down and reflect on my week and be grateful for all that I have in my life. Everything has been great so far for me because babysitting is getting easier a.k.a. I get to be lazy! No need to run around or get burnt like last week! :P

On Friday I went to the San Diego County Fair with my friends, and it was also the day for us to say "see you later" to our friend Allyson, pictured in the mustard yellow cardigan below, as she will be heading back to Florida to start her post-grad journey. I can't believe she came to UCSD for school all the way from the east coast! That's just not normal! But it's nice to meet someone who is as unique as she is: quirky, sassy, charismatic and fun. :) I cannot believe I met her when she was only a freshman, and now four years later she has a degree in Chemistry! Smarty pants!

The fair was really fun! I usually go every year, but this year was special because it was Allyson's first time ever at a fair! We made poor health choices and ate fried oreos, battered potatoes, bacon wrapped jalapenos, and a Krispy Creme crispy chicken sandwich. Yup. #diabetes. We also went through a mirror maze, played a game, and tried imitating farm animal sounds at the barns! It was a great day, and I'm so glad I was able to capture it in photos. Here are just a few from the fair!

So far it's been a great summer, but it's unfortunate because summer is when we start to see people go. Allyson said she's only coming back whenever one of us gets married. We all consider ourselves still a little too young for marriage, but we know we'll see Allyson eventually. :) No good byes, so see you later Allyson! We'll miss you! 

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  1. I enjoyed reading this and seeing the pictures. Yeah, graduation and transitions are difficult. Most of my best friends live far away from me, another state, another country. It is tough sometimes. And yup I always assume we'll see each other at our weddings. :) Most of my close friends are quite a few years older than me, so some even have children now. lol I'm not ready for any of that yet.


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