Thursday, May 15, 2014

REVIEW: NYC Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner in "Pearlized Black" + Deal!

Believe it or not, I think I've found a very good drugstore eyeliner for only $2.99. Not kidding. I honestly do not remember when I purchased the NYC Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner, but I saw it in my "excess" makeup pile (hah!), and gave it a try several times and surprisingly loved it! I was expecting this liner to perform at a mediocre level because I had a bad experience using NYC Cosmetics' High Definition Liquid Eyeliner, so I thought that this was going to perform just the same. Wrong! I might have to continue buying this liner in the future! This eyeliner comes in two colors: black and pearlized black, which I own.

Pearlized black is a metallic black with very fine silver glitter. Notice how the brush is very much like a brush with long bristles! Many liquid eyeliners are shaped like this or like a pen.

Demo photos:
No flash.

With flash

  • Stroke thinness and thickness can easily be achieved with the brush design of this liquid liner.
    • This liner is very forgiving -- it is easy to correct a mistake.
  • Affordable at $2.99! 
  • Great longevity! You can wear this for more than 4 hours and it won't budge. 
    • Keep in mind that I do have normal/dry skin though, so I'm not sure how wear will be for those who have combo/oily skin.
  • This is smudgeproof despite it taking a while to dry.
  • It takes longer to dry than most other liquid liners. 
    • This may be due to the liner being very "wet"
  • Although this is an easy-to-correct eyeliner, you need a steady hand in order to apply a liner with a brush tip like this.
    • However, this is also a very affordable one that you can practice with!
  • Metallic Black can come off looking grey to the naked eye instead of a black that sparkles.
    • The color is still rich nevertheless.

Will you be trying this out? I'm planning on getting the black one in the future!

DEAL ALERT (now-5/17):

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