Saturday, May 3, 2014

April Beauty Favorites!

Hello everyone! It's been a week since I've last posted on my blog, and can I say that I've had the craziest week ever?! From taking many baby measurements, collecting placenta samples (at my volunteer work, and I know it sounds kind of gross), to attending health fairs and figuring out where I'm going for grad school, I've had a really weird yet stressful week. I know it's going to get a lot more stressful sooner or later with new transitions making its way in. Now did I realize that it is already May? I kind of figured that out yesterday on May 2nd sadly! Hah! Anyway, because it is already indeed May, I would like to share with you my April beauty favorites!

1. Too Faced Chocolate Bar - $49

This is perhaps one of my favorite eye shadow palettes that I own, and I've been wearing this none stop all month! Made out of real cocoa, this palette will make you want to eat chocolate! This is a great palette if you're looking for great nude and neutral colors with a variety of finishes. Too Faced makes amazing shadows, and this palette does not lack any pigmentation what so ever. There are 16 shades in which 2 of them are larger (a matte beige and a satin champagne). It's an awesome palette where you can be versatile with your looks. My favorite shades are the swatches above. :)

I've been a long time user of the Biosilk Silk Therapy, but I received this Healthy Sexy Hair styling treatment with argan oil in an old Ipsy bag, and I've been using it all month! Similar to the Biosilk Silk Therapy, this makes your hair soft, shiny (in a good non-oily way), and smooth! I put it in my hair right in the morning before I head out and by night time my hair still feels soft. No joke! My hair has been colored and it is damaged, and I can tell you that this stuff works, so there is hope! This little 0.85 oz is still half way full, and I recommend using a dime size amount to apply in your hair, since a little more can make your hair look greasy.

I am not a big perfume wearer, hence which is why my perfume collection is only a handful. I purchased this Kate Spade perfume a year ago at Marshalls, and I absolutely love it. You can tell that I don't use it often and that's because 1. I forget to use it or 2. I use my signature scent: Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum. This Eau de Parfum contains flowers (magnolia, orange blossom, star jasmine) with some mildly sweetness. This is definitely a spring scent!

My favorite affordable blush? Milani Baked Blush! Hands down, these are my favorite drugstore brand blushes because they apply so beautifully! The one I've been wearing this month is Rose D'Oro which looks like rose gold or peachy coral. It definitely screams out spring, which is why I've been loving it this month.

My favorite drugstore foundation hands down. I've been trying to love the Revlon 24 Hour foundation, but it's not as moisturizing as the CoverGirl 3-in-1 Stay Fabulous Foundation. This foundation is also a primer and concealer, hence why it is called "3-in-1." This provides medium to full coverage, and it is buildable. I like to stay on the lighter side so I only use one layer, and even with one layer on my blemishes are covered, and my face feels flawless! It will feel cakey and thick if you build it up, but this is a great foundation that will last you all day even if you're in the sun for some time. Don't worry, there's SPF 30! My skin is normal/dry and I am currently wearing medium-beige.

The Bold and Beautiful Kit comes with a mini palette with four eye shadows and another mini palette with an eye brow kit. I've been loving the brow gel and the powder. Anastasia creates such amazing brow products, since I can achieve non-crazy looking brows! I do not think they sell this in store anymore, but it is a good starter kit if you want to practice doing your brows.

I need hand cream no matter what the weather conditions are. My hands are so darn dry all the time, and I always need a better solution that just "body lotion". Jenna Hipp has a Nail & Hand Cream trio set that you can purchase at Costco for $19.99. This one in particular has a lime scent which I like. I especially love hand creams because they are thicker, and I do notice that they tend to keep my hands hydrated for a longer time period. The great thing about hand creams including this one is that you do not need much of it to cover your hands! Just a small squeeze will do your hands justice!

 I am very much into peach and satin finish blushes right now since it's spring/summer! I got this LORAC blush on Hautelook during Black Friday, but you can get it online on the LORAC website for $8 with free shipping! It's a beautiful satin peach blush that gives your cheeks a nice healthy glow! This is one of my favorite "high end" blushes! :)

That is it for my April favorites! What did you love last month? Any recommendations for me? 

In Other News...
  • I am thinking about doing a video/post on beauty products that help me de-stress and relax!
  • I'll have a review up on Korres Lip Butter sometime this upcoming week.
  • It was 90 degrees today in San Diego, and next week it's supposed to drop down to 15-20 degrees. What is this madness?!

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