Thursday, April 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday: My First Palette!

Happy Thursday! We are a little less than 2 days away from the weekend! Whoot whoot! I was going through my makeup palettes earlier, and I found my first makeup palette ever! Guess what it is! Urban Decay's Book of Shadows Volume I. Yes, the first Book of Shadows! I remember buying this for my sister's birthday, but she didn't end up using it so it went back to me. I bought it for my sister because the colors were and still are so bold and highly pigmented. Urban Decay creates some of the best quality shadows out there.

You can tell that I love the second row of this 16-shadow palette since there are some visible dents. After all these years I still have plenty of shadows left! This is a completely satin and shimmer palette!

Just a few swatches! My favorite row!

Second favorite row! Midnight Cowboy doesn't apply as smoothly as the others because it has glitter and shimmer, but it is still gorgeous!

Now it's YOUR turn. For Throwback Thursday (TBT), tell me what your first makeup palette was, and why you did you buy it?! Do you still have it?

Have a great day!

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