Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Target Tuesday: Mini Haul + Coupon Deals!

Happy Tuesday and April Fool's Day! I haven't done a Target Tuesday post in a very long, long time, and I've recently been to Target and picked up a few things for great deals, so I thought I'd share them with you!

First, I found this cute grey and white knitted 3/4 sleeve sweater on the clearance rack for only $9.98! I've been trying to stay away from sweaters because it gets pretty warm in San Diego, but this one is perfect since it has large knitted holes perfect for a nice spring and summer day and evening! Light-weight clothing is the way to go during these seasons!

This is a random product, but I saw this in the checkout lane, and had to pick it up because the packaging was so darn cute! This is the "Berry Blossom" scent and it smells extremely floral and pleasant! This retails for $1.99. I'll be bringing this with me on my upcoming weekend trip!

If you've been reading my blog for a long time, you may remember me posting lots of deal scenarios that you can do at Target and drug stores. Well, I miss them too, so here's one for Q-Tips! $0.22 for 30 Q-Tips isn't bad at all! This will definitely be in my bag! 
I just checked on the Target coupon website and saw that they changed the coupon to
$0.75 off Q-Tips 170 ct. or more (Target Web Coupon) 

Last but not least, I purchased a cardigan! I know I said I'm trying to stay away from sweaters, but the bicycle designs on this cardigan caught my eye, and I couldn't say no! I saw this last week at its regular price for $22.99, but I got it this week for only $10.50 using coupons! That's more than 50% off!!! Links to the coupons are provided below.

Sign up for Target Cartwheel in order to get extra savings if you haven't already: http://cartwheel.target.com/

*NOTE: Target allows you to use one manufacturer coupon with one Target Web Coupon and one Target Cartwheel coupon.* 

That's it folks! Have a great Tuesday!

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