Wednesday, April 9, 2014

REVIEW: Daiso Japan Natural Pack Charcoal Peel Mask

Happy Hump Day! Today I'll be reviewing a skin care product that I purchased at a dollar Japanese store called Daiso Japan. Daiso, for short, is a store that sell all kinds of products from cosmetics to stationary for a single price being $1.50 per item. If I'm being honest, I only purchased the "Natural Pack" charcoal peel mask because I wanted to peel a mask off my face. Haha! I don't know exactly what it says on the tube since it is in a different language, but luckily it has English translation on the back!

The formula is thick and sticky which is personally no surprise to me. I suggest using one finger to apply the mask since it can get messy. Make sure that you apply an even semi-thick coat across your entire face to make peeling easier. Try avoid putting it over hairs on your faces because it will hurt once you peel the mask off! There is no tingling sensation, just stickiness, but you'll notice that the mask will begin to dry once you apply it on your face. The thicker the layer, the longer it will take to dry (~15-20 minutes). It'll be ready to peel off once your face feels tight, and the mask feels dry and paper-like.

I tried smiling in the picture below, but let me tell you that it is extremely hard to do so when it feels like someone is pulling your skin back! This was the best that I could do! :P

You can see that it's dry near my jawline, and still wet on my cheeks.

Peeling! I like to start peeling from the bottom up. You can see there is left over residue on the side of my face. Peeling hurts. There! I said it! It hurts so badly that I want to quickly rip it off my face as fast as I can. Yikes!

How does my skin feel afterwards? Soft. This charcoal mask takes off that top layer of dead skin cells, making your skin feel nice and smooth. No moisture though!

  • Extremely affordable! $1.50 at Daiso stores only. Find a location using their store locator HERE.
  • Dries quickly
  • Makes skin feel soft and smooth
  • Messy
  • Hurts like heck when you peel

Will I be repurchasing this in the future? No. I don't like how this hurts when I peel it off. It is very affordable though, but it's not worth it!

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  1. Use this for months, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't work .___. But still, for the price, love this mask lah~


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