Friday, March 7, 2014

REVIEW: Ulta Beauty Buff Teardrop Sponges

Hi everyone and happy Friday!!!!!!!!

Today I'll be reviewing the Ulta Beauty Buff Teardrop Sponges that are "for gentle facial cleansing & exfoliating skin." This retails for $1.49, and instructions state that you are supposed to dampen the Beauty Buff Sponge, apply your cleanser onto it and buff it throughout your face using circular motions. This will clean and exfoliate your face according to the back packaging.

It is shaped like a teardrop, and it is most definitely a sponge. 

The sponge material reminds me of really cheap mattress toppers since it's very sponge-y with a rough surface.

But how does it work against the skin? It could feel rough, yet it could feel gentle. The roughness depends on how much pressure you push the sponge against your face, and the least pressure based on my experiences will provide a decent scrub for the face. My skin feels like it's being scratched if I apply more pressure to my face with the sponge. One thing to look out for is applying too much cleanser on the sponge; the cleanser will soak through the pores/holes and run out the other side. Even though the sponge will dry, there will be some residue left of your cleanser in the sponge which kind of bugs me. Personally I prefer sticking with an exfoliating cleanser, since I feel like this requires too much work.

Although this is meant for facial cleansing and exfoliating, I think this would work better as a body exfoliating sponge since the skin on our body is less sensitive than the skin on our faces. I did try using it on my arms and legs and it felt like like I was getting a nice massage! What a difference! But because it's supposed to be a facial buffing sponge, I would not recommend it for the face. Overall, I recommend skipping out on this product and investing in an exfoliating cleanser instead!

  • Best for exfoliating body.
  • You can use your regular cleanser and put it on the sponge to get an exfoliating effect if you do not have an exfoliating cleanser.

  • Cleanser runs through sponge.
  • Cheap material.
  • Doesn't exfoliate as well as exfoliating cleansers with beads. It feels like my skin is ripping off if I use more pressure.

In Other News...
  • Another beauty haul video is sure to be up sometime next week! So much savings and hauling! That means there's so many products that I purchased that I need to test out and review!
  • A review on the New York Color Cosmetics City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Colors will be posted on Sunday  Monday. 
  • It's going to be a girl's night in tomorrow! You bet my girlfriend's and I will be doing a spa kind of night!
  • I'll be having a family reunion on Sunday for my grandfather's memorial. I'll be posting drugstore beauty weekly ad coupon match-ups either late Saturday or early Sunday morning. I might do this from now on since some new coupons are released late Saturday night!
  • I have grad school options! :)

Have a great weekend!

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