Tuesday, March 11, 2014

REVIEW: New York Color (NYC) City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Colors

The lip balm lipsticks continue to roll out from many brands including New York Color (NYC) Cosmetics! They recently released the City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Colors only retailing for an affordable price at $2.99.

According to the NYC website, these lippies are supposed to leave a beautiful shine with an easy glide application on the lips. They should feel like "silk" and should last many hours of wear. It doesn't say that these are hydrating or are "lip balms", but they sure do feel like it!
I picked up "Ballroom Blush" and "Park Slope Peach". 

Hand swatches below with and without flash, respectively.

Ballroom Blush lip swatches! A beautiful pinky red color! My lips are pretty shiny!

"Park Slope Peach" is a nude peach. My natural lip colors are a little reddish pink, so this color will make my lips lighter. I like using this as a base to make a bold and bright lipstick appear better on my lips.

  • Pigmented! From the two colors that I own, they are indeed "intense" where the colors have no problem showing on the lips.
  • Shiny finish! These will leave your lips shiny almost like a lip gloss without the thickness. 
  • Application is easy as the lip balm glides onto the lips without any issues. 
  • They do not claim to be hydrating, but they are! They make my lips feel moist, and they remind me of regular tinted lip balms, except these leave your lips shiny.
  • Affordable. $2.99 is a great price, and there are always deals going on at the drugstores that make these lippies even a greater deal!
  • These aren't as long lasting as I wanted them to be. I had a feeling these weren't going to last long since they glide on so easily onto the lips. If they are very easy to apply, then then they will most likely come off easily as well. The color will fade without any doubts if you were to eat, drink or wipe your mouth with a napkin. 
Do I recommend these? Yes! There's a wide range of shades, and they are quite affordable. These are more slick than the Revlon Lacquer, and are quite comparable to the Wet N Wild DeSlicks!

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  1. Ballroom Blush looks lovely on you... hehe especially on the pout pic! :)


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