Thursday, March 20, 2014

New Ombré Hair!

Who else changes their hair when it's a new season? *Raises hand.* I recently changed the color of my hair to an ombré effect! I did this at the end of summer last year and really liked it, and now because it's almost spring I thought it would be appropriate to do it again! I used the Revlon Frost & Glow Kit for medium to dark brown hair to get the effect.

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My hair is way lighter than I had imagined, and it's something I am getting used to. Doing this was pretty simple. Read on if you want to know how I did my ombré.

  1. Prepare the dye by following the instructions in the kit.
  2. Section off your hair to make it easier to work with, and figure out how far up your hair you want to take your ombré.
  3. Take some of the dye and apply it to the bottom of the longest layer of hair or if you have straight hair, apply it to the ends of your hair.
  4. Wrap it in foil and wait 5-10 minutes.
  5. Afterwards, take the foil off and apply dye above that section where it's untouched. This will be an ombré transition. Use a toothbrush to tease your hair, so it doesn't cause a straight harsh line across your hair.
  6. Wrap it in foil again for another 5-10 minutes.
  7. Unravel the foil and add dye above the section you just worked with and repeat steps 5 and 6 until you reach where you want your ombré to end.
  8. Last step, use a toothbrush to spread out the dye at the highest point of your ombré so it doesn't look harsh.
  9. I ended up waiting 40 minutes total until I washed my hair. Do not exceed one hour! Take a shower and wash out your hair using the shampoo and conditioner the kit comes with! Wallah!

You can definitely do it yourself instead of going to the salon and paying loads of money. If you prefer to go to the salon, that's fine too! Anyone rockin' a new do or style? :)

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