Friday, February 21, 2014

REVIEW: Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color in "Fiery Coral"

I was so excited to find the new Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color lippies at CVS ($6.49) in the permanent display, so I picked up, might I say a "daring" and "bold" color in "Fiery Coral." It's almost spring time, and I live in the beautiful San Diego city where the weather already feels like spring, so I thought to myself that I should wear something bright on my lips to match the happy weather mood. Darn it!

Milani claims that these new lip products are highly pigmented that will give your lips a great shine and great longevity. No doubt it does these things, but I was really expecting for "Fiery Coral" to be a true coral color, but instead I saw Barbie's lips on mine! Since when did one of my favorite spring/summer color turn into a Barbie fuchsia pink!?

Looking at the bottom of the packaging, I thought my lips would look similar in color.

The brush is similar to most lip glosses. Application is fairly easy like a lip gloss except this slides on without any issue since it doesn't have a goopy formula. I would say that the formula of at least this color is like putting acrylic paint on your skin. That may sound horrible, but my simile is how I really feel about this product. Expect this to dry out your lips and even accentuate dry and cracked areas already there. Also note above that Milani didn't put anywhere on it's packaging that this is going to hydrate your lips (they have the Lip Power for that), so if you have chapped and dry lips, next!

Let's take a look at a swatch on my hand. Hot pink? Neon pink? Fuchsia pink? Barbie pink?...

But look here when I swatched the Lip Intense Color on a white piece of paper. It now looks more of a coral doesn't it?

On my own lips.

I guess it doesn't look that terrible on me, but it's something that I would never wear. I absolutely enjoy using many products from Milani, but this color at least isn't for me. Barbie pink and coral are two distinct colors, and unfortunately this was not what I was expecting, and I am highly disappointed with the color and color name. I had high hopes for this product, and I won't be repurchasing this product even in another warmer color. If you have light/fair skin, perhaps this may work for you.

  • Intense color, exactly like it states on the packaging
  • Easy application
  • Long wearing
  • Color is the biggest problem. "Fiery Coral" turns out to be a Barbie pink. 
  • Funky smell
  • Drying to the lips
    • Accentuates cracked and dry ares on the lips. 

In Other News...
  • I will post the drugstore (CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid) beauty ad match ups for 2/23-3/01 either tomorrow evening or Sunday morning so that you have time to clip your coupons and head to the store!
  • Candles at Bath and Body Works are on sale this weekend for 2 for $22! A week or so ago they were 2 for $25. Psh! Price inflation! I'm glad that they're back to 2 for $22! I'm headed to the mall tomorrow with my sister to purchase some new spring and summer scents! :)
  • A review of the Maybelline Master Glaze blush stick will be up next week!
  • Expect a Beauty Monthly Favorites video to be up sometime soon. 
Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh Melanie you look totally adorable in the last picture! But yeah you definitely look like a barbie doll! I am a little weary of these bright shades myself. I know now I feel comfortable w/ certain bright red shades, but not sure about fuchsia, corals, and violet shades just yet. I think our skin-tones are a bit similar so we can be good reference points for e.o. :)

    1. We do have similar skin tones! Haha! So much for us trying to be adventurous huh? :P


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