Tuesday, February 18, 2014

REVIEW: Milani Cosmetics Power Lip in "04 Pink Lemonade"

I am such a lip addict, and I got too excited when I saw that CVS finally stocked up the Milani Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stains! These bad boys only retail for $6.49, and they are supposed to give you a beautiful shine to the lips while lasting all day and moisturizing your lips at the same time. They are called "Power Lip" because the colors are supposed to give you a bold lip.

I only picked up one Power Lip to try first, and I got the "Pink Lemonade." My goal is to go for bolder lips, so I thought that this color was appropriate! "Pink Lemonade" is a pink red cream color. There's no shimmer or glitter in it so it appears simply as pinky red. 

The product seems really tiny, but cute. It comes in 0.09 oz., and you have to twist the bottom part of the gloss stain in order to get product up the felt tip bristles.

It takes forever at first to get product flowing out onto the bristle brush tip, but afterwards everything works fine where every click will release some product out. I actually like the bristle brush since I feel like I can get precision at filling in my lips. 

Here's a swatch on my hand. It looks more of a red orange on my hand, but on my lips it is definitely a pinky red.

Natural lighting. It's gorgeous isn't it?

  • This is definitely long lasting. I get up to 6-8 hours of wear with this gloss stain.
    • And the reason why I think it's so long lasting is because it's also a stain! I love this color!
  • Semi-moisturizing. It gives some moisture, but don't expect it to be a lip balm. 
  • It gives a nice shine. Control how much you want your lips to shine by adding more or less product!
  • No feathering. You can decide for yourself how much product you want to use, but you really do not need much to achieve a beautiful bold lip with the Power Lip. This product stays on the lips all day!
  • Travel friendly. The size of this lip product is too cute to ignore. It's small enough to travel with!
  • There is a slight smell to the Power Lip. I don't know how to describe it, but it's not minty or floral. It just smells different, and I personally do not enjoy scented lip products with the exception of mint.
  • There's a little gritty texture (like micro beads) to this lip product. It's not so definite, but you can feel it as you rub your lips together. 
With that said, I really do like this product a lot, and would definitely consider buying more! Great work, Milani!


  1. Good shade choice! :) I know I probably shouldn't, but I also want to get the bolder shades like this and the Mango one. Sadly, my CVS will not be getting these. :( Good review!

  2. I'm so glad I ordered this color over the weekend-- it's gorgeous!


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