Monday, February 24, 2014

Manicure Monday: It's My Year!

I've never really admire this color until just last week. I am wearing this color twice in a row now, and that's rare when I paint my nails on a weekly basis! This is O.P.I.'s "It's My Year" from the Miss Universe Collection from several years ago, and I love how it shines!

Look at that shine! This is a shimmery almost metalic pinky, purple, gold polish that dries pretty quickly on the nails. I would say it dries after 45 seconds which is pretty amazing. I find that shimmery nail polishes tend to dry faster than creme polishes, and I assume it must be because of the fine glitter!

I find that this shade is also perfect for the spring! It's not spring yet, but here in sunny San Diego it sure feels like it! :) Have a great Monday everyone!

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