Wednesday, February 5, 2014

LORAC Deals!

Valentine's Day is next week, and LORAC is having a great special on a kit that will only cost you $23, plus free shipping!

Here's a look at their Valentine's Day Collection:

For $23 you get a mascara, 3D Liquid Lustre-Diamond, a blush, a lip gloss AND an eye shadow! 6 items for only $23 bucks that is valued at $91! That's an incredible deal! I am seriously tempted because it looks like a deal too good to pass up, but this would be a great gift for someone too!

LORAC also has their holiday Rockin' Red 3D Liquid Lustre Gift Set now on sale for only $18! This is tempting too! I love deals, but I don't really need it. This would be a great gift as well even though it was from the holiday season! Makeup is makeup, right? :)

Will you be getting any of these sets? Tempting, I know!

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