Monday, January 6, 2014

Zoya - 3 Nail Polishes for $12! Starts TOMORROW!

Did you hear the news that starting tomorrow at 12PM EST until January 14th at 11:59PM you can buy 3 Zoya nail polishes for only $12! They are advertising it as getting 3 free nail polishes, and paying for shipping and processing ($12), but $12 for three Zoyas is a great deal! One bottle normally costs $9! Just use the promo code: COLOR2014 at checkout!

You can check out their website HERE to find out more about the deal!

In Other News...

  • I finished swatching and taking pictures of the Em Cosmetics by Michelle Phan Day Life Palette! Hopefully I'll be able to write up the review by the end of the week! I can tell you that the post will be filled with lots of pictures!
  • I miss the holiday feels, but I'm ready for spring! It's hot here in San Diego while half the world if freezing their bums off! Sorry!
  • I taught my sister how to coupon last year, and now she's a bigger couponer than I am! 

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