Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Target Tuesday - Mini Haul!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Lots of food deals going on right now at Target in preparation for Super Bowl Sunday, so check out the ad HERE if you are interested. I went to Target last Friday while I was in Santa Ana, and I picked up only a few things that aren't relevant at all to the Super Bowl. Every time I'm waiting around for something I tend to go to Target and waste time there.

There are still lots of holiday gift sets at Target that have finally hit 70% off. I've seen Taylor Swift perfume sets, e.l.f. makeup sets, Pacifica Natural Skincare sets, and other sets on clearance for 70% off. I've also seen jewelry from the fall season, home decor, candles and lots of shoes at 70% as well. Be sure to hit up your local Target soon if you're interested before they're all sold out!

I found this throw pillow for $3.74 (85% off)! I love it!

I saw a lot of shoes on clearance including these cute tan loafer-type shoes. I found these in grey as well, but felt that this color is better. These are super comfy with extra padding on the inside! It was only $7.48 too!

Last but not least I found this Pacifica Natural Skincare Body Butter Trio for $4.48! 

As you can see, I got lots of great deals for a great price! Be sure to check out Target! :)

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