Thursday, January 23, 2014

REVIEW: Milani Eye Tech Bold Liquid Eye Liner

The Milani Eye Tech Bold Liquid Eye Liner ($7.49) is a "new" product that I've been liking. The packaging states that it's new, but it really isn't since it's been out for almost a year or so. I've been using the Jesse's Girl Liquid Eyeliner which I reviewed HERE in the past, but I decided to pull out a new eyeliner from my extra makeup stash to try out something new. The Jesse's Girl eyeliner has a very thin felt tip that allows you to make small strokes and have precision, but even sometimes using a precision type eyeliner won't give you the perfect winged look especially if your hands or arms are shaky! The Milani Eye Tech Bold is designed to help you create the perfect wing eyeliner look since it is designed with a larger tip.

This liquid liner is is a felt tip that is large and thick. It reminds me of a color marker since the packaging and tip are alike! Milani states that this eyeliner will help you create a variety of dramatic winged looks using one stroke. Personally I'm not that great with using eyeliners, especially to create a winged look, so I need more than one stroke to make at least a decent or "good" looking winged look.

What I like to do is place the liner gently at the outer corner of my eye and slowly and gently bring it down as far as I can towards my lash line. Afterwards I take the liner and do my best to fill in the gaps.

You can watch the video below to see how I applied my liner.

- A great thing about large felt tips is that they are generally pigmented.
- It does make drawing a winged eye easier.
- Time saving!

- The felt tip is pretty rigid and stiff, and therefore it can tug at your skin. You have to be very careful and gentle when using it.
- Definitely more than one stroke is needed. Don't be afraid to use multiple strokes!

Overall I really do like this eyeliner, and I recommend it to those who are beginners at winged eyeliner looks or to anyone who has trouble creating them!

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