Friday, January 31, 2014

REVIEW: L'Oreal Lash Out Butterfly Effect Mascara

Hi everyone,

This is a review on a L'Oreal mascara that came out at the end of last year that I've been using for almost a month. The L'Oreal Lash Out Voluminous Butterfly Effect Mascara ($8.99) is suppose to provide the lashes with a bold effect. The brush is winged-shape and is supposed to grab onto your lashes and extend them out to the "outer corner of the eyes," according to the L'Oreal website. The formula in this tube of mascara is supposed to give the lashes 6x the volume and provide a dramatic "butterfly effect" eye look.

I've definitely never seen a brush like this before where there's one side that is created with short bristles and the other side with plastic bristles gradually increasing in length to give it a curved look.

I would consider this an "ok" mascara after using it for a month. It tends to pick up a lot of product at the intersection between the brush and the wand which is unforgiving to the lashes. A lot of product on the brush will give the lashes a lot of clump that will make them look "spidery."

You can see here that I am not wearing any mascara, and that my eye lashes tend to grow out.

One coat of mascara on the top lash. The larger side of the brush was used.

Two coats applied to the top lash. Notice how my lashes appear clumpy and thick. The maximum coats I  apply when I use this mascara is only two due to this reason.

The other side of the brush has smaller bristles that I only used to apply one coat on the lower lash. 

  • This mascara seems to lengthen my lashes, but definitely not 6X unless more coats are applied.
  • The mascara is easy to use, although you have to get used to its unusual shape. I like that it has plastic bristles since it can really get into the roots and coat it.
  • It is difficult to hold and use the brush since it has a particular shape. You definitely have to adjust your arms and hands in order to get the brush on the other side. The longer and "butterfly" side of the brush is supposed to go to the outer side of the lashes.
  • It tends to clump at the longer side of the brush which transfers to the lashes and make them look clumpy.
Overall, this mascara works alright. I wouldn't buy it again since it's difficult to use and doesn't provide me great looking lashes. 

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