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REVIEW: Em Cosmetics by Michelle Phan, Day Life Palette!

Hello everyone! This post will be a review on one of Em Cosmetics' Life Palettes. I purchased the Day life palette during the Cyber Monday BOGO free sale for myself and for my sister, and I've had over a month now to play with it!

If you do not already know, Life Palettes are inspired by the moments in your life. Each palette is specifically designed for either Day, Career, Beach, Party, Love, or Night moments. Each palette can essentially be split into four quadrants totaling with 24 eye shadows, 4 blushes, and 8 lip products, giving 36 different shades of a variety of products in essentially one palette. Each Life Palette also comes with a bonus travel size palette where you can take pots out from the larger palette and place them in the smaller one.

I picked up the Day Life Palette because I'm a neutral and nude color kind of girl. I don't wear a lot of colors, and I thought the shades from this palette would compliment my likings nicely. I have to say that I really like this palette. With the exception of the design of the palette, the quality is amazing! You can click on each photo individually to maximize and see better.

The palette comes in this beautiful box.
Back of the box.

You can view the palette by lifting up the velcro down lid.

The inside flap has four photos of four looks you can achieve using this palette. It also provides information about the Day Life Palette.

The Life Palette! It comes with four look stickers that you can place anywhere on your larger palette or bonus palette. You can see that I placed the black stickers at the top of each "quad".

You will find a placard inside the box that has instructions that you can follow to achieve certain looks. Michelle wrote the instructions and drew the beautiful pictures.

Palette outside of the box!

The names of each product in the palette is listed on the back.

The palette comes with a double ended brush: eye shadow and an eye liner side. The tool to pop out the magnetic pots is also included.

Each quadrant has 6 eye shadows, 2 lip products and a blush in the center.
Look 1: Girls' Night Out - A lot of pinky tone shades in this quad.

Swatch -- No primer used. I personally think this quad is well pigmented with the exception of "A Pink Moment," a matte shade which is a little powdery for my liking. The "Sweet Raisin" lipstick is a gorgeous berry color. The lip gloss, "Berry Busy" isn't as dark as it seems in the pot. It's more sheer, but it does carry that berry color.

Look 2: Coffee Break. You get your nudes in this quadrant.

Again, I didn't swatch these over primer. Pretty amazing huh? I love the pinky nude lipstick called, "What's Nude". The "Cappuccino" blush is matte. I actually like to use this blush as a bronzer.

Look 3: Weekend Brush. Similar to look 2 in my opinion.

Didn't use primer, but "Creme" is another matte shade that is also a little chalky like "A Pink Moment." Parisian Nude is basically a clear gloss that appears nude in the pot. I love "Girlie" and "Nibble" the most!

Look 4: Day Dreaming. I think this is my favorite quadrant out of the four. I think these colors are so "dreamy" and romantic.

Doesn't this quadrant scream out "fairy dust" to you?! Haha! I absolutely love "light violet" and "fantasy". "Fantasy" definitely reminds me of MAC's "Trax" eye shadow. The lip gloss is clear with flake glitters that make your lips shine and shimmer a little extra! "Onyx Dreams" is a matte black eye shadow that is a miss when it comes to pigmentation. "French Kiss" and "Storm Kiss" are also matte with weaker pigmentation.

Here's a look I created using Look 4!

I used "Light Violet," Fantasy," and "Silver Lining."

 How do you pop a tin out?
There is a little space between each pot and the white surface of the palette that it is touching. You simply stick the tool in that empty space, making sure the tool is underneath the pot, and you lift it up to get it out! Pop!

  • Pigmentation is great! The texture of each shadow feels really silky, especially the satin finishes. I swatched this palette without using a primer, but pigmentation for the mattes are a miss. They definitely are not as vibrant as the other satin and shimmer shades, but the mattes can be built up to one's needed expectation. 
  • Colors are versatile and fit everyday "Day" themes. 
  • Lip glosses are pretty and aren't sticky, but you can probably use the whole tin pot up after 5 uses or so. 
  • Lipsticks are very creamy and gorgeous. I recommend using a lip brush to apply the lipstick or else you'll use up the lipstick pot within a couple of uses like the lip glosses.
  • No fall outs with both the eye shadows and blushes when I have worn this palette. It really is good stuff!
  • Design-wise, the box packaging that the palette comes in is so beautiful that I don't want to throw it away. The compact look itself is sweet and simple, and is very sturdy. In terms of organization of the products in the palette, I don't like it. I don't like how there are 6 eye shadows in each quadrant, but there are two different eye shadow sizes. What if I like a color in the smaller tin than the bigger tin more? Additionally, I personally don't enjoy using lip products from a palette and prefer using them from a tube or stick. Putting the lip products in the smaller tins makes it much easier for the consumers to use the lip products faster than the eye shadows, which is a reason why I don't like using lip products from tin pots. There's no fall out when the makeup is on my face, but with all these colors so close to each other in the palette, you'll definitely find little specs of dark shadows in your lip glosses or in your blush, and I hate that. I like that the blush is in the center, but a problem I find with it is when my blush brush is almost the same size as the blush and so when I tap my brush into the blush, the product spreads out of the container. Eeks. 
  • Other than the design, I enjoy using this palette, so I give it a thumbs up! It costs $75 which is pricey, but if you break it up into 4 for the quadrants, it's only $18.75 which is reasonable. Michelle's limited edition mini life moment palettes are being sold for $25 which is more expensive than a quadrant of the larger Life Palette even though it comes with the same things. You can get 15% off on your first order from Em Cosmetics by signing up with your email at the top of the page. If you are patient, I would wait until there's a sale to try out the Life Palette. :) 

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