Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Holiday + Other Clearance Update!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to do an update on Christmas holiday clearance I've seen at several stores that I've visited. You may notice that some stores are completely wiped out of their holiday items already, and other stores may be fully stocked. Availability may vary depending on the store and region.

Here's what I've seen for HOLIDAY ITEMS:

  • Target - Holiday clearance still stands at 70% off holiday stuff (excludes food) and 50% off holiday food, drinks, baking. It is expected that prices should drop to 90%/70% off starting tomorrow, although I've been to a Target where there's literally nothing left. Be on the lookout this weekend!
    Be aware of PJ sets, toys, and anything that seems Christmasy to you and scan it to see if it's on clearance! If you are unsure, scan away! 
  • CVS - 75% off holiday items including some gifts! Scan the item at their price checker if you are unsure! I was able to snag a good deal on a Conair Foot Spa and Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. Be sure to check out the beauty section of the store! Fragrance sets are 50% off and certain holiday sets are 50% off as well. Look for Trim nail kits in the beauty display sections since they should be 75% off. Anything that looks holiday is most likely on clearance!
  • Rite Aid - Their Christmas clearance is sitting at 50% off, but I'm sure it'll be 75% soon! 
  • Walmart - 75% off all holiday clearance. My local Walmart still had lots of fake trees left for 75% off. Be sure to check the regular soap aisle where I found these Softsoap Holiday Edition: Red Berry Cobbler for only $0.24 each!
  • Burlington Coat Factory - 75% off holiday items

Other Notable Clearance Sales:
  • Zara - Winter Sale! Everything is on sale (in store and online) as they bring in spring wear.
  • Forever21 - Extra 30% off sale items (in store and online).
  • Bath and Body Works - Semi-Annual sale! Lots of items from many seasons are back! (in store and online)
  • Victoria's Secret - Semi Annual Sale! (in store and online)
There are many other sales going on! Check online to see if your favorite store is having any promotions. You never know what you'll find for a good bargain! :) 

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