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REVIEW: EM Cosmetics - Life Palette Moment, Winter Life: Ice Bunny Edition

Hi everyone! I am very excited to do this review on an EM Cosmetics product I purchased called the Life Palette Moment, Winter Life: Ice Bunny Edition. It retails for $29, but I picked it up for $20.30 with an IPSY promo code last month. This is my first Em Cosmetics purchase, and I am excited to share with you my opinion on this product, but as you should know, all opinions are my own like in all my other reviews.

This palette is like 1/4 of Michelle Phan's larger Life Palettes that consist of 6 eye shadows, 2 lip colors, and 1 blush. The palette is the same as the travel size compact that you get as a bonus when you buy a full size life palette, and is also magnetic. This is a limited edition palette along with the New Year one. 

Packaging box (front & back) that contains the palette. I really like this packaging.

The front of the box is a flap that you can open. It's velcro-ed down. Once it's open, you'll see two looks you can achieve with this palette, plus some information about this palette and where you can find tutorials on the Em website.

Then you'll see the palette and the brush! Box packaging again is cute, but right away, I don't like how the double ended brush does not have a space in the palette; It lies outside of the palette which is inconvenient when you are travelling. No one wants to throw a brush in their bag without covering it right? The brush is double ended with a shadow brush and an angled eye liner brush. The brush qualities are good. They are not the best nor smoothest of brushes, but they do the job at applying makeup on without any problems.

Here's another look at the mini palette outside of the box. I'm so sad the brush doesn't fit inside! This is a pretty sturdy palette though, and I love the simple design. 

There's a label on the back of the palette that tells you each name of every product.

I don't have a large Life Palette yet (ordered one on Cyber Monday), but this is what you would see if you took one quadrant out and placed it in the bonus travel compact. This palette also comes with a mirror and snaps magnetically. Each color pot is magnetic as well that you can pop out.

A closer look.
Again, this Life Palette Moment comes with six eye shadows, two lip products (I believe a soft pink lipstick and nude gloss) and one blush.

Here are the swatches down below without primer and over primer. I should have taken the photos in the same lighting, but you can get a pretty good idea that the colors of the shadows and the blush are  stronger over primer than without it.  Without primer it still looks pretty good though.

Counter clockwise starting at the left hand corner:
Avalanche (frost) - champagne
Snow Day! (frost) - copper brown
Ice Bunny (frost) - icy like snow with a hint of pale blue
Bundle Up (frost) - brunette brown
Winter Chill (matte) - grey
Black Pumps (matte) - dark, dark grey, almost black
Snuggle Up Peach (blush, shimmer) - peach with little specs of fine glitter

Not swatched:
Dressed Up (lipstick) - soft pink; I would consider this more of a lip gloss due to its very thick texture
Parisian Nude - nude lip gloss that you can layer over Dressed Up
  Notice how the matte greys are the most noticeably different? Most pigmented colors are definitely the lightest shades which are Avalanche and Ice Bunny.

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of these shadows. I haven't tried any other EM product, but this one is great! 

Down below are several photos of how I wore shades from this palette. Inner corner of my eyes - Avalanche; lid - Ice Bunny; Outer V - hint of Bundle Up and Winter Chill. I used a liquid eye liner. 

Cheeks, eyes and lips from the palette. For the lips I put on Dressed Up first and layered it over with Parisian Nude. 

  • Quality is always the BIGGEST concern of any beauty product that I buy, and I have to say that I love the quality of this palette. I love that the shadows and the blush are pigmented with and without primer!!! It helps that four of the six eye shadow shades are frost with no glitter since glitter usually makes color payoff worse. 
  • For the "Ice Bunny" theme, I think this is a versatile palette. We have four frosts, two matte finish shadows, one shimmer blush, and two lip products. You can easily create several wintry looks with this set, and you can also create a neutral eye as well. The blush can also be used as a shadow, and Black Pumps can be used as eye liner. 
  • It comes with a double ended brush. Although I'm not a fan that the brush can't be placed inside the compact I still like that a brush was provided.
  • Dressed Up lip product is a gorgeous soft pink that looks so pretty on my lips! 
  • Palette is sturdy. Ain't no cheap plastic, trust me!
  • Sizing of eye shadow pots. I'm not sure why the eye shadow pots are of different sizes. This might be that the shadows in the larger pots is what we would use most on our lids? 
  • Placement of lip pots. The darkest matte eye shadow is Black Pumps sitting right next to the lip product. This becomes an issue if there is fall out from the shadows that land into the lip pots. 
  • Lip products are tiny. I wish there was more of the lip products in terms of sizing amount. Eye shadows can last a very long time since you're only using a few swipes of it, but I feel like lip products don't last a long time. If you look at the palette, you'll notice that the lip products are already dug in in comparison to the shadows although I've used the shadows a lot more. I wish there was more! 
  • Brush is separate from the palette. :( 
  • Although this palette is magnetic, there is no stick to pull the pots out. You can only do this if you have purchased the larger Life Palette. I can see though that you wouldn't need a stick to pull the pots out if you don't own the Life Palette though since there wouldn't be any other colors to put in the compact. 

Aside from the design of the compact, I really do like this palette a lot! The quality is there which is what matters to me the most, and I do believe that $29 is a reasonable price since you're getting a nice assortment of makeup in one palette. I would definitely recommend this palette! There are constantly deals going on online, so be sure to check those deals out to see if you can save some money! I have ordered the Day Life Palette for both my sister and me during their Cyber Monday sale, so I'll review that once it comes, and I have time to play with it! :)

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