Friday, December 27, 2013

Post-Christmas Shopping!

I hope everyone had a great holiday! Did any of you take advantage of the after-Christmas sales? *Raises hand* I sure did, but no worries because I didn't do that much damage at all! :)

Like always, be sure to check out Target if you haven't done so to see if there's anything that you want and to see what is left from the holiday stock. All holiday items are 50%/30% (food) off right now, and should be going up to 70%/50% off in another 2 or 3 days. Eventually the Christmas items will hit 90% off! Last year I was able to stock up on so many items for 90%/70% off, but items and quantities may vary by store. If you see something at the store that you really want but it's the last one, GET IT. Chances are that it won't be there after you return back to the store! NOTE that these items will not be marked with the red tag sticker. These holiday items will be completely gone after it hits 90% off after a few days! If you are unsure whether or not an item is on clearance, scan it at the red scanners to check! You never know what you'll find. Be sure to search around the toy section and clothing sections as well since there may be hidden items that are part of the after Christmas sale! You can check out what I got last season from when items hit 90% off HERE.

Many stores have "end of the year" sales, so be on the lookout for those signs while shopping. A lot of retailers have sales online too, like Sephora that is offering an extra 20% off of sale items with the promo code: EXTRA20 .  Don't forget to check out the drugstore as well! Lots of holiday items are on clearance as well as limited edition cosmetics! Happy hunting!!!

What did I end up buying post Christmas? Just a few things down below!

I got this long sleeve top at Aeropostale for only $3.99! Not sure how long this deal is, but you get an extra 50% off of already marked clearance items! This was marked at $7.99, so $3.99 is not bad at all!

Did anyone else wait almost up to one hour just to check out at LUSH? I got there a few minutes after the store opened and it was jammed pack! Holiday items were flying off the shelf with their amazing once a year, BOGO Free sale. I managed to get two cute boxes filled with two bath goodies each for $13.95 for both.

From Claire's I purchased a cute snowflake necklace for $1.37 and a pair of earrings for $1.20 (I think). All Claire's holiday novelty items are 75% off. I also saw that they had Dylan's Candy Bar holiday gummies as part of the deal too.

I did manage to stop by Target and picked up a few things that I thought may be sold out soon including a pair of Scotch scissors ($2.49), a dog toy from the dollar section ($0.50), two cute small snowflakes baskets ($0.50/ea) and a holiday card garland ($5).

case you're wondering what the ISBN of the scissors is:

That's basically it for my post-Christmas shopping! I think I did a good job saving! Did you get anything on a good deal?

In Other News...
-  My sister got me the Naked 3 palette! I'm so excited!!! I'll take pictures of swatches soon!
-  I got super lazy painting my nails these past two weeks, hence why there wasn't a Manicure Monday.
- Target already has spring home decor and Valentine's Day stuff up on shelves for sale. Too early.
- A review of items I've used up will be posted within the next week or so!

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