Sunday, December 29, 2013

December Monthly Favorites!

It's time for monthly favorites, and this is the last monthly favorites for the 2013 year! That's crazy! I have several favorites for this month that I've been using and loving!

 I purchased this Em Cosmetics Winter Life: Ice Bunny Edition last month in November, and I've been using it (eye shadows mainly) quite a lot this month to my surprise . This is a mini edition of the larger life palettes that Michelle Phan sells. I love that these shadows because they feel silky and are pigmented! These shadows are long wearing with a primer, and the colors are great for the winter time! This palette sells for $29 online. You can read my full review on this product HERE.

Another favorite of mine this month is the Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeliner in "brown". The photo below is actually swatches of just the brown eyeliner using different pressures and different amount of strokes over one another. This eyeliner is inexpensive at only $4.49 at the drugstores, and it is creamy so it glides on so well! I am a contact lens user, and I love using these Scandaleyes liners (I have three!) because it doesn't smudge and transfer from my waterline to my contacts. The problem with ultra creamy eye liners is that it smudges easily. I was wearing Milani's Liquif'eye Liner one day on my waterline, and it smudged all over my contact very badly that I had no other choice but to throw my contacts out! These Rimmel liners do not do that, which I can definitely appreciate!. I've been loving the brown one because it makes my eyes look more soft in comparison to using a black liner. 

I've had this next product since the end of summer, but I started using it just about a little more than a month ago. This is the Tarte Maracuja Oil that is supposed to moisturize your face and do wonders like making your skin tone even, and help reduce wrinkles. I don't think I've used it long enough to notice major differences, but I have noticed my face isn't dry in the morning when I wake up. I use this at night before bed and in the morning after I wake up, and my face feels smooth and moisturized. So far, so good! I got my sister a tiny sample bottle that she can try out! Hopefully she'll like it too. 
The bottle is 50 mL and comes with a dropper. You only need 2-3 drops to cover your entire face.

The Almay Smart Shade Smart Balance foundation is one of those face products that you put on your face and its supposed to find your shade and transform into that shade. I don't think it really tone matches with your real skin tone shade, since it comes in shades of light, light-medium, and medium, but I like this a lot because it's very light weight similar to a BB cream. Coverage is rather light, but you can build up the layers.

Last but not least, I need some kind of moisture on my lip all the time. We've gotten some great sunshine weather in SD (70 degrees) these past few days have left my lips cracked and chapped, and it's awful! I've been using Nivea Lip Butter each night, and it's helped my lips become less dry and nasty! Haha! 

That's it for my December favorites! I can't wait for the new year to begin! :) 

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