Saturday, November 23, 2013

REVIEW: Topstyler by Instyler

After trying this product out for a little more than two weeks, I can say that the Topstyler by Instyler is an "eh" and a "oooh!" product. I purchased my Topstyler at Bed Bath and Beyond for $31.99, after using a 20% off coupon on it. It retails for $39.99, but I recently went to Marshalls and found it for only $29.99.

What is the Topstyler? It's a hair tool that is supposed to be a new and innovative way of curling your hair. Instead of using a traditional curling wand you use either the end of the comb that it comes with or your fingers by wrapping strands of hair around it, pinning it down, and clipping it with "heated ceramic styling shell" clips. After the clips are cooled, you unclip the clips and your hair should fall down naturally in it's curled or wavy form that you chose to do.

You can watch my brief review below and/or continue reading. *Apparently I still haven't figured out my camera settings yet.*

  • You can multi-task. With no wires attached, you can easily move around with clips on your head like eating breakfast and putting on make-up.
  • Unlike some curling wands, you can choose how big or small you want your curls or waves by using different numbers of fingers to wrap strands of hair around them. One finger = really cury vs. three fingers = more wavy.
  • The hair system comes with extra clips. In this set you'll get 5 small clips and 10 large ones. Only ten will fit on the heating system.
  • Hard to use. This hair tool will require practice. You can watch the instructional video or read the manual, but achieving the curls will take practice and patience. I do not recommend it if you are a busy girl always rushing on the way out. If you have some time, sit and practice with this hair tool. Practice makes better!
  • Results are not consistent. This is probably one of my biggest problems with the Topstyler. One day your hair is beautiful and the next day your hair has weird crimps in it. It's so difficult to get consistency if you do not follow a way you wrap your hair around the comb or fingers. I do believe though as you practice results can become consistent.
  • Curl wait time is long. Instyler recommends waiting between 15 to 30 minutes before releasing the clips. I find that 20-30 minutes of wait time gives me nice curls.
  • Not long-lasting. You will need to use hairspray! Curls or waves do not last long. I will also recommend using a hair styling spray like a heat protectant prior to using these curls even though it states on the box that it should not damage your hair. I noticed that with heat protectant my curls and waves hold better, or maybe because I got used to using the Topstyler.
  • The box is too bulky. This is NOT travel-size friendly. I would stick with a curling wand.
Here are several pictures of my hair using this tool:

And another time:

It's up to you to decide whether or not you want this hair tool for yourself or as a gift for someone for the holiday. Will you be purchasing this? 

In Other News...

  • I'll be posting my five favorite winter nail polishes on Monday!
  • Hives breakout #289890435 -__- I'm so sleepy due to my meds, but it's only 6:32 PM! 
  • I just purchased the Em Cosmetics' The Life Palette Moment, Winter Life: Ice Bunny Edition for $22 with tax + free shipping. Use promo code: IPSY30 I am super stoked to finally try out her line!
  • I was browsing through my lip collection and counted over 30 lip products I've purchased this year alone. UGH. End of the year clean out in late December?!

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  1. Love this review. I am so late in the hair game and happened upon your blog when searching for reviews of this product. Just wanted to say thank you for your review and opinions. I really appreciate it!


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