Tuesday, November 5, 2013

REVIEW: The Tarte of Giving -- Gorgeous Getaways Portable Palette (Ulta Exclusive)!!!!!

Ulta carries an exclusive Tarte, Tarte of Giving  holiday set called the Gorgeous Getaways Portable Palette Set that comes with 16 limited edition Amazonian clay full size eye shadows, 4 new full size Amazonian clay blushes, 4 new full size maracuja lip glosses and a portable compact for $58, retail valued at $433! Tarte is one of my favorite "high end" brands, and I thought the value of the set was great, but what sold me on purchasing this set was the purpose that you could pull out one of four palettes and put it in a smaller compact that you can travel with easily.

This isn't necessarily a full review, but more of my first impressions. Just a warning that this post will contain lots of photos! Click on the individual picture in order to enlarge it. Get excited!!!

On the back of the box it tells you what the set comes with. Tarte Cosmetics creates cruelty free makeup and skincare.

The box itself is pretty big once you pull it out.

You open up the lid to the box and see all the beautiful shadows and blushes. The box also comes with a large mirror, although I will never find myself using it just because the box itself feels heavy.

A plastic paper covers the shadows and blushes with each shadow having been named by travel inspired places and each blush named after travel-inspired adjectives.
A  better look at the shadows and blushes! Notice how there are four individual palettes inside the top of the box with four eye shadows and one blush each. These four palettes are magnetic and can easily be taken out of the box.

You can also pull out the bottom drawer of the box and find the portable palette compact and 3 full size maracuja lip glosses.

The portable compact is a little too big for my liking, but it is better than carrying a large palette around. The compact comes with a mirror and you can swap out any of the four palettes above to put in here and be on the go!

There are magnets in the compact and the palettes are magnetic as well. You can easily take a palette out of the box by lifting up the ribbon that the palette is sitting on....

... and wallah! I wish we could individually take the shadows and blushes out, but we can't!

Now to the fun part: swatches! I swatched each eye shadow and blush without eyelid primer (as indicated as "No Primer") and with eyelid primer ("Primer"). The primer I used is the one dollar one by e.l.f. cosmetics you can buy at Target. You'll notice that pigmentation is ok without primer, but with primer, these are standouts! Both eye shadows and blushes are silky and smooth. The eye shadows though are no match to the ones Urban Decay makes.

You don't have to worry about the plastic covering with all the individual names because on the back of each palette are their names!

Taj Mahal - A beautiful shimmer pearl color; Grand Canyon - matte orange-tan; Big Ben - matte light grey; Central Park - dark green/blue grey; Savvy (blush) - darkest blush of the four, this is like a mocha mauve color and matte

This entire palette is all shimmers with satin finishes! Santorini Bikini - champagne shimmer; Great Sphynx - brown shimmer; Pacific Sunset - wowser, I would consider this almost a metallic gold; Belgian Chocolate - chocolate (dark brown) shimmer; Spontaneous blush - pinky peach and is the only blush with shimmer.

I love these colors, and I can see myself wearing this a lot this season and next. Serengeti Sand - cream matte; Buckingham Palace - grey shimmer; Rocky Mountains - matte grey; Bordeaux - this is a strange color because I would call it taupe although looking at the shadow it the palette it looks like a dark rich purple. It's very pretty though!; Ambitious blush - mauve matte

Gold Coast - Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous gold shimmer. I love this one.; Eiffel Tower - yet another greyish color, slight shimmer; Space Needle - really light grey shimmer. This is probably one of my favorites out of the bunch; Midnight in Paris - a matte green/blue; Lighthearted blush - brightest of the four blushes and also matte.

These eye shadows look best when worn over eye primer. Color selection is nice with lots of greys in similar shades, but all are beautiful individually. Blushes are quite beautifully pigmented and smooth! I like them a lot!

As for the lip glosses, they have the minty fresh scent. These lip glosses are not sticky when you rub your lips together. They don't feel thin or thick. Nothing really stands out about these glosses so far based on my first impressions. I'll definitely have to wear them more.

When in Rome - Peachy Shimmer; Czech Me Out - Mauve (more like a your lips but better) with shimmer; New York Minute - pink with a slight hint of purple and matte

That is it for the Gorgeous Getaways Portable Palette! This would be a great gift for yourself or a friend for the holidays. 

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