Saturday, November 9, 2013

REVIEW: Hair Donut!

Happy weekend everyone!

I'm not one to be really into hairstyles, but I've recently purchased the Topstyler by Instyler curling tool, and I've also purchased the donut hair bun sponge looking thing. I picked the hair donut bun at the dollar store, specifically the 99 Cent Only store! Isn't that insane? I saw this hair donut bun sponge at H&M for $5.99. Really? I've also seen other alternatives as well, but for a dollar? Ok!

Instructions in the back.

Instructions are very simple. Start with tying your hair up in a pony tail.

Next slip the donut hair sponge through your pony tail.

Let your hair down and cover the sponge with your hair.

One you've covered the tool with your hair, grab the bottom of the bun in preparation of wrapping your loose hair around the bun.

Wrap the extra pieces of hair around the bun.

Use bobby pins to pin down the hairs, and you're done!

This product works well and the instructions are easy to follow. It takes some practices to get a nice bun, but I wouldn't pay more than two bucks for it at most. If you have lots of layers or baby hairs then the bun will be more difficult to achieve. I have lots of baby hairs and my hair is layered, so I suggest using hairspray too if you want a tight look. Even in the photo above my hair doesn't look perfect, but it definitely looks better when I use the tool versus wrapping my hair up in a bun by itself. The bad part about this is that it'll only work for people with medium to long hair. You need to have a good length in hair in order to use this hair donut tool because there needs to be enough hair to cover and wrap around it. If your hair is short then most likely your hair won't be able to go through the donut hole. Otherwise, I like this product! Look for it at the 99 Cent Only store for only a buck!

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