Monday, November 4, 2013

How to Shop at Bath and Body Works + Haul!

Hi everyone!

Just a heads up that Bath and Body Works has their 2 for $22 candles deal! Lots of holiday candles have hit the shelves!Not sure how long this deal will last but I want to assume it's just for the week days, since BBW rotate their deals every weekend!

I also did some shopping at Bath and Body Works  two weekends ago since they had the candle deal again plus winter scented candles have arrived! Hallelujah! They also have most fall items on clearance at 50% off too, so I got two things from that section as well!

I picked up a hand soap and a hand soap holder/sleeve from the fall clearance and also used a 25% off coupon (expired) towards the fall items. You can also find selected 3-wick candles, wallflower refills, wallflower holders, scrubs, lotions and body wash in this clearance section too!

$6.50 $3.25 $2.44
 The holder/sleeve is covered in pumpkins, and has a nice classic look to it due to the copper shade, and the hand soap I got is "Vineyard Berries" which smells divine!

$5.50 $2.75  $2.07

My favorite product from Bath and Body Works besides the soap are the 3-wick candles! I love the girly, yet subtle scents, and I had no problem picking up three candles. These were on sale for 2 for $22! Once you buy 2, each additional candle only costs $11. All the candles I picked up have subtle scents in my opinion.

My sister hates this scent, but I love, love, LOVE this scent. This is Fresh Balsam and it reminds me everything about Christmas. It smells like evergreen trees with eucalyptus!

This one. Oh goodness. It smells like cranberries of course, but it smells fresh!

Last but not least, I picked up Sparkling Icicles which is one of my sister's favorite candle. This too smells very light and fresh.

How much did I end up paying for these three candles? $24.80 with tax. Yup. It's supposed to be $33 +tax, but I used a $10 off $30+ purchase coupon. How do you get these coupons? Simple! Continue reading...

How to shop at BBW:
There is always a sale going on at Bath and Body Works whether it is 2 for $22 3-wick candles, Buy 3, Get 3 Free or 7 hand soaps for $20. Whatever week or weekend you go into Bath and Body Works, there is always some kind of deal. 

Look for coupons and coupon codes:

How do you get the $10 off $30 coupon? Well, this coupon comes at the bottom of your receipt that you can use towards your next purchase after you fill out the survey and get a validation code.

I'm covering it for an obvious purpose, but when you go online to the website, you put in the invitation code, and at the end of the survey you are given a validation code for your survey that you'll need to write on your receipt and give it to the cashier on your next check out at BBW.

You can only use one coupon in your transaction, so no other coupon can be combined. What I like to do is spend exactly $30 or close to $30 and use this coupon, and then get the same coupon againwith a different invitation code on that new receipt that I'll use towards my next purchase, so it's a cycle. If you spend more than $30 towards your purchases then you are saving less money; hence is why I always buy three candles instead of four. 

You can use your coupon towards any regular, sale or clearance priced item in store. This coupon does not expire, so wait until there's a really good deal, and then jump on it and use this coupon so you can get extra savings!

I suggest going to the store and buying something that is really cheap first and use a different coupon if there is one towards that purchase, so that you won't be spending so much money the first time around. For example, I purchased two items from the fall clearance and I used a 25% off coupon so I paid less than $5. I got a coupon at the end of my receipt, so I'll come back tomorrow or another day and do a larger purchase and use this higher value coupon instead!

I am so excited that BBW has already released their winter soaps online, and I'm (im)patiently waiting for the rest of them to hit the stores! What are your favorite items from Bath and Body Works?

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