Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fall Must-Haves: Fashion Edition!

We are in mid-November, and I am so excited for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays coming soon. The climate currently in San Diego is dry and warm. Eh. We are looking at mid to high 70s which I am sure most San Diegans love, but I wish that I could embrace the fall season with wind, clouds and crinkling leaves underneath my feet. I'm sad that it's not looking like fall right now, but it can be very cold in the morning and early evening which inspires me to bust out my fall gear! Just thought I would share some of my personal must-haves for the fall!

  1. Medium size purse. During the fall and winter seasons I tend to have very dry skin, so I pack more items into my bag when I'm on the go. Small bags won't cut it, and large bags are too big and heavy, and that is why I love carrying around a medium size bag! I can fit everything that I need like my chapstick, lipstick, wallet, phone, hand lotion, camera, tissue, hair ties, coupons and medicine! Can you imagine stuffing all of these items in a small crossover bag? The white quilted bag pictured above is from Forever 21 that I got at the beginning of summer.
  2. Good Quality Boots. Mine are BP. boots from Nordstrom that I bought at the end of summer last year for $89 during their early fall sale, and they have lasted me through heavy rain and puddles! Yes, you shouldn't really wear them when you're out in the rain since it may damage the boots, but the rain dried up and these boots work well at providing comfort and protection for my feet! Invest in a great quality pair of boots, so that you won't have to buy another pair the following year! I've bought very cheap quality boots in the past, and let me just say that you'll find out where the holes are once it's raining!  I'm expecting these to last me for years.
  3. Flats. I love wearing flats throughout the entire year including the fall season. It's so easy to slip them on and look fashionable. Whenever it's not cold enough or it's a little on the warmer side I wear flats with a pair of leggings. Casual and comfortable. Prices for these shoes vary depending the brand or where you buy them, but I've found that it takes me about 1-2 weeks to break into a pair of them before they become really comfortable. I definitely recommend buying flats in store than online since material, width and sizes may vary greatly for flats. I picked up the one pictured above from Zara this past summer.
  4. Infinity Scarves. The only time I wear scarves is during the fall and winter seasons when it gets chilly. I got this scarf 2-3 years ago from Nordstrom, and it's very warm. I love the fringes! My ears and neck gets cold quick when temperatures drop, so a scarf is a must have for me during the cold seasons. You can find a wide selection of scarves at so many stores! Don't feel limited! Similar HERE.
  5. Light-Weight Scarves - With warm infinity scarves for the fall, I also like to have light weight ones available in my wardrobe too. Climate in San Diego is way unpredictable, so it can actually be very warm during the middle of November and even December. If it's not cold in your area, and if you want a little warmth away from the wind then I suggest investing in a few light weight scarves. I purchased mine at Charlotte Russe.
  6. Statement Necklace -  Statement necklaces are a must-have every season! They can make your outfit look 10x better. For example, throw a statement necklace on when you have a plain tee on! There's just more pzazz to your look with a beautiful fashion piece like a large and outstanding necklace.The one above is from F21.
  7. Leggings -  Leggings sure aren't pants, but I do like wearing them alone with a long shirt or long sweater that covers my bum! Pair your outfit with a few accessories and some boots and shabam! It's a beautiful look! If you're like me and you get lazy in the mornings to get dressed, get leggings. They are seriously my lifesaver! The one above is from F21.
  8. Sweaters - Ain't no fall without sweater weather! I love sweaters, but I've been loving the long and slouchy sweaters lately! It feels so comfortable and warm. You can get inexpensive and good quality ones at H&M! I like wearing my slouchy ones with tights and boots!
That is it for my fall fashion must-haves. What are yours?!

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