Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Target Tuesday -- Clearance Finds!

I browsed through Target on Sunday and found several things on clearance that are really great deals. No coupons needed!

First off, I found a Maybelline Color Tattoo in "Edgy Emerald" on clearance for $2.97! Strange because "Edgy Emerald" isn't a limited edition color, so I'm wondering if they're discontinuing this color.

 I would't necessarily call it an emerald color. I feel like it's more of an aqua color instead.

It has a nice sheen. Doesn't it remind you of mermaids?! 

Also at Target I saw that many of the fall accessories including handbags are on clearance! Most were  30% off, but I found these purses below for 50% off, although clearance prices and items may vary by store and region. The one below is $11.49!

I actually purchased one of the clearance bags, and I am in love!I picked up this burgandy bag for only $13.49! It's a Merona crossover bag with no adjustable straps, but I love the contrasting material!

Lastly I saw many clearance signs for hair tools, but I only saw the Revlon Nano Ceramic Digital Ionic Styling Iron left on clearance at 70% off at $8.98.

Lots of Dove bar soaps and body wash on clearance. I also saw some Almay cosmetics on clearance so be sure to check out the end caps and cosmetic aisles! :)


  1. Did you buy the Revlon Nano Ceramic Digital Ionic Styling Iron? I also got one on markdown and couldn't really find an informative review. BTW - I love your blog! I live for Target 70% off stuff :)

    1. I didn't end up buying it since I figured I don't need another curling iron! Haha! How is it working out for you? And thank you!


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