Monday, October 21, 2013

Skincare Haul! (Korean skincare, Korres, Tarte, etc.)

I thought I would share a collective skincare haul since I love skincare products! I have normal/dry yet sensitive skin, but I'm always trying to find products at an affordable price.

I'm going to start off with my biggest purchase which is the Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil that costs $46. Fortunately I didn't spend $46! I only paid $25 when Ulta had their 21 Days of Beauty, and I've been eyeing this product for over a year ever since I've heard great things about it improving people's skin.

The packaging is absolutely adorable. The bottle contains 50 mL of product and is packed in a bamboo box. Maracuja oil contains vitamin C and fatty acids that is supposed to hydrate the skin, smooth it out, make it firmer and brighter and reduce redness. Apparently 96% of people who used this for 6 weeks saw skin improvements. Out of all skincare products I am most excited to try this one!

Next up is this Epielle Cucumber Cleansing Tissues that I purchased at Big Lots for $0.80 when they had their 20% off sale. You can get these for only a buck at most Big Lots for the 30 count or $2 for the 60 count. I have also seen these at the Korean supermarkets, but for $3, so get it at Big Lots instead! I haven't tried these out yet, but hopefully these work. It's strange in a way to find them at Big Lots.

Back in early August I went to TJ Maxx and found this Korres Pomegranate Toner. I love Korres' Mango Lip Butters, so I wanted to give this a try. I don't have oily/combo skin, but who knows, maybe I'll like this toner! This was only $4.99! At Sephora, this thing is $20, and it's the exact same product with the exact same packaging!

CVS has a variety of Jason products and Gud Products on clearance for 75% off. I saw this clarifying and brightening wash by Jason and thought I'd give this cleanser a try. I believe this was around $3.

Last month I picked up this L'Oreal Paris Ideal Clean Foaming Gel Cleanser at Target for only a buck after coupons, but this retails for $4.49. 

Last but not least, I picked up some Korean facial masks from the Korean market, each at $0.79. I like using a mask every 1.5 weeks or so. I don't know if these masks do anything in the long run, but after using one my face immediately feels like a baby's skin! You can find these at almost any Asian market!

That is it for my skincare haul! Additionally I will try to review almost everything once I get to using the product. Thanks for reading!

In other news...
  • I am in the middle of trying an Origins facial wash product out, and hopefully I'll get a review out soon. I'm trying not to try out too skincare products since my skin has been very sensitive within the past two months. I've been breaking out in hives from who knows what, but I'm praying we can find some solutions when I see my allergist tomorrow! Oh the irony of this post!
  • I think I've found a new favorite mascara. ;) 
  • I'll be posting a combined couponing haul and beauty lookouts by tomorrow late afternoon. My sister wants to drop by the stores tomorrow, so I'm going to tag along with her after my appointment. I'm trying to get her to take me to the doctor in the AM since I'll be getting a patch test done, and no one wants to drive (or wear a bra) when their back is burning afterwards! 
  • Some fall decor items at Target are already on clearance! 

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