Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Monthly Favorites!

Happy October! I don't have many monthly favorites for September since I've been using lots of different products, and trying new ones out. I'd rather not just randomly choose items just for the sake of having items to share for monthly favorites, since that defeats the purpose. I have four beauty products and a random favorite as mentioned down below!

  • L'Oreal La Laque in "Never Lacque-ing" $7.99 - I did a review on these new limited edition L'Oreal La Laques and Le Mattes earlier this month which you can read HERE for more swatches and a full review, and I've been using this pink one ever since! I love how creamy and pigmented it is. I've worn it to the hospital where I have long shifts, and it stayed on my lips for a good 4 hours-ish before I had to reapply. These I HIGHLY recommend. When I went again to Target, these were all sold out, but I went yesterday and found that Target had restocked them! I might just pick up another color (I've been eyeing the deep red one)! :P

  • Be A Bombshell's Blush in "Beach Please?" - $16.00 - I received this from one of my past Ipsy bags, and I never thought I would like it because it is such a bold matte pink color. Who wants to look like a doll? However, I thought I would give it a try earlier this past month, and I learned that the color is actually beautiful, but you just have to use a light hand when applying this product onto the apples of your cheeks! By the way, packaging sucks. It's made out of plastic which isn't a big deal, but it feels so cheap and flimsy, worse than more affordable brands' packaging. At least the blush is beautiful!

  • TheBalm Nude'Tude $36- This is one of the palettes that just sits in my makeup drawer, but I forced myself in September to wear shadows more often. Formula to these shadows are great. Pigmented, long-lasting, and smooth. 

Although there are many colors in the palette, I've been drawn to only four colors, and all four are shimmers. Selfish is a beautiful taupe color. I've also been loving and wearing Sophisticated (medium brown/taupe shade) on the outer V of my eyes. 

Stubborn is a beautiful pale pink shimmer, and Stand-offish is a beautiful champagne shimmer.

Here's a look at the swatches:

Stubborn, Stand-offish, Selfish, Sophisticated

  • Jesse's Girl Liquid Eyeliner $6.99- I did a full review on this several weeks ago (HERE), and although the formula is not waterproof, this is still a great liquid eyeliner. I can wear this eyeliner for over 11 hours. YES, over 11 hours, and no smudging was in sight! It's that good. I stopped using my Maybelline Master eye liner completely because I love this one so much! I recommend letting it dry after application so assure that it's still not wet and won't smudge. Try fanning your lids with your hands, and that should do the trick!

  • Hey Arnold! - Random favorite of September! I probably watched every episode of this childhood show from the 90s on Youtube. I LOVE this show. I used to watch this all the time with my sister when we were younger. It's a show about a bunch of 4th grade students who deal with everyday life problems from bullying, to family, peer pressure, etc. There are great morals to every episode. Anyone watched this as a kid? Too bad this show is no longer aired on Nickelodeon.

That's it for my monthly favorites! What are yours?

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