Thursday, October 10, 2013

REVIEW: Wet N Wild 8-Pan Palette in "Comfort Zone"

Have any of you seen the new pricing on the Urban Decay's Naked Palettes? They went up by $2. The first Naked palette was only $48 when it was first released. Then UD raised the price to $50 and now it's $52. I don't own the Naked palettes because I have other shadow singles and palettes that are very similar in texture and color. It's just crazy how everything is getting more and more expensive.

With that said, I am happy to bring to you a very inexpensive palette that I love using, and it's the Wet N Wild 8-pan palette in "Comfort Zone." Wet N Wild has some of the best eye shadows at the drugstores, and this palette does not disappoint when it comes to pigmentation, duration and application! I actually will say that some of their eye shadows are better than some of the higher end brands too! For only $4.99 (regular price), you get beautiful and silky shadows that stays a long time on your lids. If you want new eye shadows for the fall, and you're on a budget, I definitely recommend that you consider this palette!

This palette comes in two "sets": the left side and the right side, as I like to call it.

 With two sides, you can get out at least two different looks, and of course you can combine colors. Let your imaginations soar! There are instructions on the back that tells you where to apply each shadow. The shadows themselves are indicators of where you are suggested to apply the colors.


Let's explore the  left side of the palette which includes beautiful neutrals! All shadows are shimmer. 

The browbone color is a gorgeous champagne shadow which you can wear on your browbone. I like to wear this on the inner corner of my eyes instead since I don't like having a shimmery, highlighted browbone. The eyelid color is my favorite on this side! What I do is lightly tap my flat eye shadow brush on this color and tap it across my lid. It seriously is so pigmented and silky that you have to be very gentle. I would describe the color as pink-copper. The crease is a pigmented brown, and we have the definer which is a mix of dark brown and black pigments with specks of gold. I suggest being extremely careful with the definer because it is so pigmented and dark that you want to use a light hand; it's harder to fix eye shadow mistakes if you use a darker color.

Swatches! (definer, crease, eye lid, browbone)

I took the swatches on my fingers and ran them across my wrist. :P The swatches are dry (no primer or water added).

The shadows are so pretty!

Let's look at the right side now! You'll notice that there's a green on this side which I wouldn't wear often since I'm not into green shadows, but nonetheless, all shadows on the right side are just as smooth, pigmented and beautiful as the left.
Browbone color is a light grey-silver shimmer which I wouldn't wear on my brow bone either. Eyelid is a light green. Crease is a black shimmer with specks of silver, and the most beautiful shade of all in this entire 8-pan palette is the definer which is an absolutely flawless duo chrome color!

No primer underneath the shadows, and yet they're still beautiful.

For some reason I used the eyelid color as the crease.

This duo chrome color is unbelievable. I love that you see different colors in various lighting.

I do recommend using an eyelid primer so that the shadows will stay longer even though they are pigmented without. This 8-pan is one you must have especially with the price. A great thing about Wet N Wild products being sold at the drugstore is that they typically go on sale. I was fortunate enough to buy mine when it was on super sale at 40% off, and I had two coupons that I used to only end up paying $1 for my palette. $4.99,, regular price, is still a great price for the quality shadows you are getting. Be on the look out at your local drugstores for these type of sales! I find that they are usually BOGO 50%,  or "buy one get one 50% off," which isn't bad since you can try out another product of theirs! :)

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