Wednesday, October 2, 2013

REVIEW: Real Techniques Core Collection Set

I've been wanting new makeup brushes for a while, since the ones my aunt bought me years ago have been slowly falling apart. I picked up the Real Techniques Core Collection ($17.99) brush set at the beginning of the month of September at Ulta, and I have to tell you that I've been liking this set a lot with a few exceptions to several things.

If you do not already know, Samantha Chapman is a makeup artist and a Youtuber under the name "Pixiwoo" that she shares with her sister. Her Real Techniques brushes are made out of synthetic materials which you can purchase at Ulta or Walmart. I bought mine from Ulta last month when they were BOGO 50% for $25 total with tax for this Core set and the Eyes/Enhanced Starter Kit ($17.99) which I will review another time.

This Core Collection kit comes with four brushes and a case that can be turned into a makeup stand. You will notice that the box the kit is packaged in has the brushes' photos on the back where Sam tells you what each brush is used. She also has the brushes' names written on the side of each brush which is another plus. Brushes are soft and bristles seem tightly close together.

In order to turn the case into a stand, you need to open the case, bend the top half over, pull up the the plastic lock, and wallah! Pretty neat how it stands huh?

Ok, now to the details of each brush! First off, let's start with the buffing brush. On the back of the brush it states that this is "ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation." I use this brush to put on my mineral powder or powder foundation, and I use circular motions. I apply powder around the t-zone area of my face where it can sometimes get shiny. I thought this brush is a little small, but it does the job. It picks up powder and allows the powder to come off easily without eating soaking all the product deeper into the brush.

Next up is the Pointed Foundation Brush. I do not like this brush. It does a horrible job at blending my foundation. I personally do not like any angled foundation brushes since I feel as though they just leave streaks on your face, and you'll be spending way too much time trying to blend everything out. I prefer using my fingers or a sponge to apply foundation. It's just easier!

This is a concealer brush. Again, like the foundation brush, I would prefer to use my fingers instead. You'll notice the brush is a little pink, and that's because it can be used as a nice lip brush! Just load some product on the brush and wallah!

Last but not least is the contour brush which I enjoy using the most. The brush is created in a dome, round shape, and like the other brushes, it easily picks up product and applies my makeup evenly and smoothly. You can also use this as a blush brush, but it's a little small so you need to be gentle with application.

The brushes seem a little small, but they work fine.  I know there are individual brushes that are sold separately that I might invest in since they are larger. I've washed these brushes several times with baby soap and water, and I had no problems with the brush bristles--they all stayed intact! I like that the brushes come in a case, so it's easy to travel with.

Overall these are good quality brushes, and are affordable. There are several coupons available that you can use to buy this brush set linked below. I believe Ulta accepts manufacturer coupons, but I'm not sure if they'll let you combine the store coupon with the manufacturer ones.

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  1. I just picked these up a couple of days ago, and I am also in love!!!! My favorite has to be the contour one as well. Great post :-)


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