Wednesday, October 30, 2013

REVIEW: Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash

Hi everyone,
I'm slowly testing out some skincare products that I've purchased a while back. It takes a long time for me to use up facial wash, and this one was no exception despite the small siz of the sample. I got this Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash at the end of January this year as part of my Sephora 500 points perk rewards (don't worry, it hasn't expired yet!), and I have finally got to trying it out.

This is a 1 fl. oz. sample (same size as most foundations!), and this has lasted me around 15 washes already which is amazing since this is considered a sample size. Down below is a picture of the sample, and you'll note that it's full; I took this photo at the end of September when I first started using this, but I am almost out! I've been using this mostly every other day although this can be used daily.

This is supposed to be a "frothy face wash" product, which it is, but do not expect it to be minty fresh on your face like the Clean and Clear one. All you need is a nickel size amount that will do its job in covering your entire face. I like to use my fingers and massage my face with it. Smooth!

What do I like about this product? I like that my face feels super clean. I don't know if it is clean, but it only feels that way because once you wash the face wash off your face feels dry like there's a residue or as if your face is so bare. I can't judge whether or not this face wash has helped me with my skin in terms of breakouts since I've been using other products, but if you just like the feeling of being clean, then this is for you. What I don't like about it is that my skin feels super dry after wiping down my face. I have sensitive and very dry skin, so that may be the reason why. Perhaps if you have oily or combo skin, it won't feel as drying to you instead.

This item is quite pricey at $21 for a 5 fluid ounce bottle. I like the product because I feel clean, but I won't be repurchasing it due to the drying skin effect.

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